Abidjan(Ivory Coast)

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Well..took a taxi brousse..from Bouak? to Abidjan..
I was quite confused...of Abidjan city..capital..allright??
it was luxury..not the real Africa i knew..there are 2 regio's
in Abidjan called Treichville and Adjam?..that's Africa..
the Plateau..was just a French impression of Africa..
skyscapers..hotel Ivoire..luxury shops..fashion..money..
the real Africa..is in the villages..not in cities like Abidjan..
I did not like Abidjan as such..and..it's a humid sticky climate..
Abidjan..is called Paris of West Africa..ahah..nice African ladies.
with lots of money..on their way to the hairdressers..beauty shop??
beauty..is in the heart..I rather enjoyed my visit to the village chief..
big hotels..fancy restaurants of Abidjan...were not for my pocket..
and one more thing...the contrast..of rich and poor in Abidjan..
created a kind of criminality and paranoia..even in the 70's...
you should have seen the armed guards in front of a big bank..
Treichville is the hookers district..dangerous to go..
criminality...was a clash between culture gaps...even then..
I did only stay 1 day in Abidjan..I saw..and I went..
could not go to Ghana..pity..I would have loved to visit..
no time..no visa..no money left??
instead..I went back up north..
reached N'douci by taxi brousse.I recall the pineapples there..
I'll try to find a good link for Abidjan..

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