a visit to the Metropolitan musem(New York)

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so...Metropolitan museum...on 5th Avenue+82th street..
waw..this museum deserves a star in my musea visits...
I bet..I still would classify the Louvre(Paris)above this one..
in one of my next trips..me and my wife went to Madrid(Spain)
the Prado art museum..is also worth a visit there...
but let's concentrate on Metropolitan now...impressive building..
New Yorkers call this place the Met...the art inside this place..
goes beyond imagination for any art lover...we got a ticket..
not cheap..but it was worthed it's price...every dime...
we picked up a plan of this huge museum..one can easily...
fill a few days in there..if one wants to go into details...
we couldn't believe our eyes..going through these rooms..
full of world famous masterpieces...from all over the world..
a museum visit in the Met...you get tired you know???
my wife's niece..was going to give us a treat next day..
paying a boat trip on Circle lines New york..
she also got our tickets..for the Greyhound bus to Boston..
I'll try to find a link for the Met museum.... www.metmuseum.org
oh..and next day...we payed a short visit to Bloomingdales..
huge department store on Lexington Avenue...let me tell you..
shopping in New York..well..it was not for my purse...booh..
my wife liked parfume..oh damn..I couldn't afford it...
so..last day in New york next day..then Boston..
but Boston..was a transit point for us..we got friends..
in North Andover......near Lowell..hey...did you peeps know??
Jack Kerouac was born in Lowell........uhuh...

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