a visit to Karlstejn castle(Tsjechoslovakia)

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This castle..was a worthwhile trip..it's close to Beroun..
about 30kms.from Prague..direction Pilzen..
roads in Tjechia were nothing to write home about..
this castle could only be visited under guided tours..
impressive castle..which needs a climb on a hill as well..
I believe the tour was in a German group..I did not grasp all..
mainly they show you some tower views..some halls,chapels..
anything a castle can hold really..this place was ancient...
if i recall it was build around the year 1350??
when we were there..lots of tourists..
the usual souvenir stalls..lots of gadgets..rubbish..
in fact..this place..is only a small village..
and in season..it gets high attention from tourists..
when we were there a whole bus of giggling schoolgirls visited..
we went back to Prague...and left next day to Bratislava..
I'll find a link..about the castle..
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