A trip to Thailand...

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So..we booked a ticket with Bangla Biman Airlines..
Brussels-New Delhi(stop)Dacca(Bangladesj)
then we had a connection Dacca-Bangkok..
my wife got an aunt living in Dacca..we got a visa..
we only stayed 2 days in Dacca..hectic place..
overpopulation..lots of ricksjahs..lovely people...
the East Bengali's were separated from West Pakistan..
after a bloody war..the country Bangladesh..is poor..
they suffer from floods quite often...but the soil is fertile..
I bet they could easily have a few rice crops in a year..
political corruption,fervent religious activists..make this place..
not a tourist country..but I found it damn beautiful..
if you fly from Calcutta and look out of the plane window...
the landscape displaced looks fascinating...my wife's aunt..
lived in a nice area of Dacca..they were well off..nice house..
they took us to a Chinese restaurant in Dacca town..
we did not see much of Dacca town anyway..
it was more like a cosy family visit..I really enjoyed it..
Dacca airport was quite fancy and modern..we flew to Bangkok..
we were gonna stay 10 days in Thailand..Bangkok+Chiangmai..
then we flew with Thai airways to Calcutta(India)
we reached Don Muang airport(Bangkok)on an october day..
I will relate about my Thailand adventures in next posting...
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