A trip to Spain by bus/train..

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So..one day we decided to visit Barcelona,Madrid+Toledo(Spain)
we booked a return bus ticket Brussels-Barcelona..not so expensive..
one morning..we took a train to Brussels Midi railway station..
Brussels..got 3 main railway stations=Brussels Nord,Brussels Central..
and this Midi station(South)..where our bus was gonna take off..
this long distance buses towards Spain...were quite popular..
comfortable..quick..toilet on board...enough leg space etc....
we were unlucky this time..our bus conductor told us..
toilets..were out of order...but told all the passengers..
we would make enough sanitary stops in France..
so..off we went..full bus..all holiday folks for Spain..
I could never sleep on night buses..not in India..and not here..
after a few stops on French highway tankstations with facilities..
we reached Barcelona at 11 a.m. next morning..let me tell you all..
we felt like shit...a wooden head..no energy to attack Barcelona..
we booked a room for 3 nights in the Youth hostel..very nice place..
took a bath...and made a stroll through Parc de la Ciutadella..
it was near to our accomodation..it's a vast place..very green..
there was even a zoo in that parc..but we did not visit..
a few musea as well..but we just wanted some fresh air..
to get rid of that tired feeling..we had food in the evening..
in a typical tapa bar=small snacks..typical for Spain..
Barcelona..became the favorite city for my wife...
I will make full report of our visit..it's a place..
where one easily can spend 10 days or more..to go into detail..
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