a trip to Gozo(Malta)

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We went for a 2 days excursion towards the island Gozo..
all I actually recall is the fact it was scorching hot..
we had to take a ferry from Cirkewwa towards Mgarr(Gozo)
the bus ride from Valetta towards Cirkewwa was not very pleasant..
the driver drove reckless like most Maltese busdrivers anyway
we reached Victoria..which is the main place for Gozo..
stayed somewhere in a small pension..don't remember the name..
the main attraction of Victoria was the citadel and a few musea..
the cathedral is worthwhile visiting..within the citadel itself were a few
very interesting musea about folklore,history,arts etc..the usual stuff..
we visited a local market..interesting..bit different then home..
Victoria was O.K.for the first day...second day we got bit bored..
but it stays an impressive walled city..no doubt about that...
next day...we just loitererd around a bit..we saw the same things then
the day before..we were travelling back to Valetta the same way as we
came..means ferry/bus..we were glad to be back in Sliema..
this was our last day in Malta..next day...back home with with Air Malta..
it had been a different holiday..very Mediteranean..but to scorching hot

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