a trip through Norway..

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We reached safe by train from Copenhagen(Denmark)
in July 1993 I contacted a former girl friend..a Norvegian..
I had a crush on her in 1970..worked on her farm for 2 weeks..
surprisingly enough...she invited us to her place in Al..
we booked a plane ticket Brussels-Oslo with Sabena airlines..
and an 8 days unlimited train travell pass for Norway..
we flew one sunny day in August 1993..Oslo town...nice place..
Fornebu airport..bus into town..tourist office...transport card..
I knew my way in Oslo town..spend some days there on earlier trips..
we stayed at a very nice Youth hostel called Haraldsheim..
I would recommend that place..it's on a hill overlooking Oslo..
it was not cheap to Belgian standards...high living standards in Norway..
Norway is never cheap anyway..it will never be...
we got a double room..with private bath and toilet..
very well organised youth hostel..friendly reception..
and oh..the breakfast was included...and in buffet style..
I will tell you peeps about our Oslo visit..
we did Karl Johansgate,Vigeland,Bygdoy musea etc....

some pics of the Youth hostel..and damn..never saw winter in Norway

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