Alternative_Thinker Apr 21, 2018
He's kind of like a bro I never had, albeit a little incompetent one at times. I love the dude so I'm not planning on dumping this friendship unless he deliberately fucks me over, especially where someone else in my life gets involved. I've dumped friendships where they not only fucked me over but also fucked my family, or friends over. I tend to be willing to forgive those who let me alone down, but the moment they involve the others in my life, they are gone. But that isn't the case here, and he isn't the type to willingly fuck anyone over, so it's just a matter of developing a set of balls for him, so to speak.

Water signs are said to be very intuitive, lol. ;-) Actually, he was telling me how these people(actually a couple, supposedly love-y dove-y but I call that bullshit) would frequently throw the ugliest fights right in front of him, how they are unreliable as fuck, and how they generally project negative energy and that he gets stressed out around them. And besides, I know when my buddy gets into his "avoid-shit" mode. It didn't take me long to figure out these people weren't the right kind of people he should be associating with.