A nude day

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Today is a hot day 102 degrees and i have people ask me if i have feeling in my bare feet i said yes i listen to my bare feet and when it's to hot i stop and wait forit to cold down in the 90's. But today i went for a walk and at 6 a.m. it was in the 80's and there was only two car's so i went and started walking and as i saw a person a way from me and then he was gone . I keep walking and then i just looked in the tree's and the guy was but naked. And i said sorry i didn't mean to see you i have walked back there but the ground has a lot of goat head thrones . My bare feet are tought and they come out of my bare feet easy. So he said if i could help him get out of there and help him pull the thrones out of his bar feet . And i said yes i love to look at others bare feet. So i help him and he ask if i ever walk down here naked. I said yes ones and i was alone and it suck. He ask if i would like to go naked And barefoot with him i said ok and we walked about where you can go barefoot in the trees . And i asked him is the trail to hot for his bare feet. He said yes and he didn't want to leave a trail of blood. And we walk to a place where there's a drinking fountain and he washed him bare feet and i help him and he has every nice bare feet for a guy that cuts grass all day. And he notice my anklet and toes ring and he ask if i was married or seeing anyone and i said no and it's hard to find someone that is good with there partner going barefoot all year around. And being naked sometimes naked i said what man or woman would want to be with someone like me. He said it's not easy is it i said no it's not and i have tried and some of the guy's said that i go barefoot more then a girl. I said that's my lifestyle and i should not have to change my lifestyle. And yes i do like both men and women. But i even have some girl's say that i really do go a lot and yes all year around even in the snow. So we finish our walk and got in our cars and left i just had to remember to close my garage door before i get out of the truck because i was still naked. Will everybody keep barefooting
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