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Deep in the humility of Knowing that I Know not
Open to the prospect of learning what I may
Hoping that I may discern truly and not assume
Casting expectations aside...into the Abyss I leap

When one jumps from the Known into what is not now known
All possibilities inherent are , including that of pain & death
Only with the cloak of Truth and openness, true vulnerability,
Ready to find whatever may Be
Can one survive and flourish

And so we go forth
Mystics, Seekers, Wise Ones, Shamans
and many named others held in high esteem;
not by those of worldly bent
But with those whose vision be ever drawn anon to Spirit.

And so we go forth to learn the More
To grow into the Beyond
Ever accepting the Change of Being it does bring
For no longer are we who and what we once were.

Change has worked it's wonders
And we ... all we can say is...
we are Now Here

For This Now Becomes all that was and will be
And limits never were but what was thought;
accepting Change and assuming not
Expectations swept aside
we find we Are
And never more shall that be the same
For Existence to be must Change embrace
And we Are One with All
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