a minicrise around Manhattan...

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So..our last day New York..Bloomingdales first..
I never felt at ease in these big department stores..
with all the luxury items..which I was not interested in firstly..
secondly..I couldn't afford them..this Bloomingdales is huge..
I believe 5 or 6 floors..lots of folks inside...it's on Lexington Street..
we took a subway..ahah..the subway in New York..so different from
the Paris m?tro which I used to roam about in the early 70's..
some trains..are full of graffiti..it's a very fast mode of transport..
Bloomingdales....was maybe impressive..my wife loved it..I did not..
so..next thing..a boat trip around the Hudson and East river..
my wife's niece gave us a treat...and payed for it..nice lady..
this trip lasted about 3 hours if I recall well..good experience...
stunning views of the harbour,liberty statue..skyline of New York etc..
after all that..we went for food somewhere in Greenwich Village..
next morning..we were gonna take a bus to Boston(Massachussets)
famous Greyhound bus..about 5 hours to Boston..
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