A Mind Trip

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In the room I started meditating. Often times I need to feel the concept of home and when it isn't on the surface I find it inside myself. Then suddenly the door flew open and I got brought out of my trance like state. Cardy was at the door at little drunk and a little pissed off.

"Why did you leave like that?" he demanded

"I didn't leave you, you were somewhere else. I was alone and acted as such. You don't seem to handle alone as well as I do."

He really does seem to want to be with me so I ask him to sit in front of me in a lotus position so he drops to the ground in a lazy criss cross. I tickle out a laugh, but proceed to squat near him. I kneel and touch his head. "Straight and dignified, maybe raise it a little to the air. Receive your thoughts, don't look down on them unless you need to hide them. Relax your shoulders, no need to prepare them for battle. Unlock your posture, no...not sloppy, just up and straight....with ease. Feel it?" My hand is now on his chest.

"Feel what, my heart beating?" he smirks

"No, the inner you. It beats inside of you like a soft whisper...you feel it's vibration sometimes. Do you feel it?" He nods his head and appears to be trying to listen more seriously to what I'm saying.

As Cardy becomes more relaxed in my presence and is starting to trust me as much as he's able to trust anyone, my mind opens up to him and he starts to fall into it. His body twitches as his mind leaves it behind and his essence flyes through the window of my soul and we meet in an inner realm of my creation. We are both naked as I take his hand in mine and pull him down on top of me. At first he starts to use me to gain some illusionary end which doesn't exist on this plane. Then he becomes more aware as he realizes there is nothing to win or lose here.

"Be Here Now," I whisper in his ear.

"I've never been this high in my entire life," he whispers back as we merge and our consciousness expands to the point where we touch the mind of God. Nobody stays this high for long and suddenly there is an explosion of white light which propels our souls back into our bodies.

"What the fuck happen?" Cardy screams as he gets to his feet and looks at me like I'm some kind of witch.

"I was just playing with your mind a little bit dear, you seemed to be enjoying yourself the last time I looked."

"What you did was really fucken weird, nobody does it like that."

"Well I feel bad for everyone else cuz fucking with your mind is soooo much better than slopping around with your bodies.' I purred back at him.

"I'm going back down stairs where normal people use their bodies to slop around with each other. If I were smart I'd leave you right here and go on alone, it would be safer. "Lucky for you I never go the safe route." With that he slammed the door and was gone for the night only I hope.

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