A great day for bare feet

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Hi everybody,
Today was in the 50 in the morning by 10 am it was in the high 60’s to 70 degrees and I went everywhere barefoot and yes I had some people look at my bare feet which I do not mind it and I hear some say I would go barefoot to it’s really warm . And this was in Walmart even the Greeter had wow I wish I could work barefoot. I told her I live going barefoot it’s a great lifestyle. Then after I got what I needed I went to self checkout and one of the girls that was behind me I saw her take her flip flops off and put them in the cart and when she was done she was walking almost next to me and she said now this is great and her two friends said if she didn’t see you barefoot she would have keeper her flip flops on but she love to go barefoot everywhere but we don’t go barefoot so she gets a little shy but seeing you she said what the hell if he can so can I. And they asked me if I go barefoot a lot I said I’m barefoot everyday 24/7 all year around. She said wow I said yeah but it’s hard for me to have a girlfriend that is ok with a guy that goes barefoot more then women do so she gave me her number and wants to go and do thing with a guy that is barefoot all the time I hope it works out it would be nice to have someone else to go barefoot with my friends are good with me being barefoot all the time but it would be great to have a woman to go barefoot with will everybody keep barefooting
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