A good day at be barefoot

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Today was a good day to be barefoot i went to put gas in my truck and it was a little warm it was in the 70's degrees and as i was looking around i saw a lady filling her tank and she was barefoot and the guy in front of me was also barefoot. The guy came up to me and said he was happy the he was not the only one barefoot at the gas station. I said no there's you , me and one lady that are completely barefoot. He said wow and i said I'm barefoot 24/7 all year around even in the snow he said wow don't your feet freez i said no i have been barefoot for over 25years and he said i bet you have saved a lot of money not buying socks and shoes i said yes . The only thing i get for my bare feet is a pedicure every month . I like to have my bare feet looking as good as they can when people see me they always look at my bare feet. And like love when they say you have great looking toes for a guy. And he even said that i have great looking feet for a guy. And i ask how did he know i was completely barefoot he said the bottoms of your bare feet are black just like the blacktop on the road. I smiled and said thanks he said he love to see bare feet as dirty and as black as people can get there's black and he loves his bare feet black also and his wife loves getting hers as black as he can . The ask after i get done filling up if i would like to go to lunch i said yes and we went to McDonald's and we both where barefoot and as we were waiting for our food we talked about how we started going barefoot and how long has it been ever since we had to put shoes on . And where we couldn't going in to a place that did not let us in barefoot. After all the time talking and looking at our bare feet we both had to go and finish what we had left to do and we exchanged cell number and both of us went on about our day . It was great to see more and more people going barefoot and enjoying going barefoot. Will everybody keep barefooting.
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