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well...just to all let you know that the gig Goa trance psy scene is a very intensive activity..
i could easily go to a gig every weekend starting from the month of March..the big events are mostly Boom(Portugal)or Ozora(Hungary)Boom happens only every 2 years,Ozora is a yearly event,but all over Europe there are many gigs going on...the flowerpower parties are still organised by my friends quite regularly,there are only few DJ's who turn that kind of 60'S-70's music,next one is at 10Th March...I'll see if i can download a flyer...wishing all of you a good year 2018,be it musical,mental and bodily health...i am glad we all carry on in Hipforums..;and thanks to Skip i got my travel blogsback online,soon even my old blog wll come back with trips from 1970 until few years back,thanks Skip for your work here...my appreciation...and my apologies for me getting bit nervous about my blogs..a forum upgrade is not easy and always brings along changes....greetings...old tiger

few links....

Psytrance Festivals in Europe & UK 2018 [List] | Psymedia

worldwide gigs....
Best Psytrance Festivals in the World 2018

i love action on the dancefloor

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