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  1. Jennifer19
    My aunt had the stuff I had other stuff of harmony ham but this stuff is way stronger and it looks like I sprained my foot that’s why my aunt dropped it off last night I’d load of that cream on...
  2. Totally Yoda
    @Angelmama That is so cool! I'll have to read up on it :)
  3. ~Zen~
    @*pixy* I do love the tradition of placing beautiful and meaningful works of art along the Malecons and waterfront walkways. They do it along the coasts of Spain, and in the towns along the coast...
  4. *pixy*
    ... o la estatua de Gades en Cadiz ... ... or to the statue of Gades in Cadiz ... [IMG]
  5. *pixy*
    Esto me recuerda al monumento a los pescadores en Conil de la fontera en Andalucía ;-) This reminds me of the fishermen's monument in Conil de la fontera in Andalusia ;-) [IMG]

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