Too much sun

creampie00, Jul 20, 2018

Why is my forehead looking so wrinkly

Too much sun
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    • rollingalong
      hi cp...thank you for the likes on my made an old man smile....I try not to comment on female member photos because I often see very thinly disguised drooling comments from some of the men here on is always the same dozen men who comment on every attractive womans photo …..always flattering but never classy

      anyway...have a great day...find that creek bed and have a nap...drop by the stoners lounge and say hi sometime :)
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    • sae68
      great pic.I'm not drooling but i can't do classy either.Oh and in the words of the great Sage ....

      You know, I've got wrinkles on my forehead and smile lines, but what's wrong with that? I love to smile. Jennifer Aniston
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    • Asmodean
      Great tan! :grinning:
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    • waynedunn
      Mmmmmmmmm nice pic hun Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    • deadguy
      Beautiful photo. Nice pose too.
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    • Courtney Green
      Awesome Beautiful Lady in this pic
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