Totally Yoda

Sunset on a walk

Totally Yoda, Sep 30, 2021

Captured this sunset a few days ago while me and the wife were walking to the store.

Sunset on a walk
    • PGA
      I love it, it reminds me of my childhood when every day I had to walk more than 2 miles from school to home along a dirt village road. When I had got home it was almost sunset.
    • ~Zen~
      Nice composition! Nice that you are out walking :)
    • Angelmama
      I'm sitting on my porch watching the sunset now. Only about 6pm, too. A flock of geese just passed over on their way South, where they'll stay until Spring.
      What a lonely sound they make.
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    Totally Yoda
    Sep 30, 2021
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