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~Zen~, Nov 24, 2021

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small tday
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    • PGA
      Happy Thanksgiving Day, and wish peaceful years for everybody.
      Just imagine there are thousands of thousands of people and kinds all around the world who don't have food to survive. So, we really should thank God for all privileges which we have.

      I wish someday the richest people just donate %0.1 of their money to the hunger people to give the hunger kids a chance to live.
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    • Candy Gal
      Lovely xxxx
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    • ~Zen~
      @PGA I wish for the same, but perhaps a bigger percentage... maybe 1 %. It wouldn't kill them.
    • PGA
      It is good just to donate no matter how much, and somehow, a little is better than nothing.
      If people understand what means hungry, then, they will find some way to solve the issues.
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    • PGA
      Many years ago I was a teacher in a poor village out of the US, there were a lot of sick kids and I try to treat and teach them how to take care of themselves. One of my students was too smart and always criticized me. One day I was talking about brushing and urging them to wash their teeth eating meals, so, that guy looked directly into my eyes and said, my dear teacher, first you give me food then ask us to brush the teeth!!! I was shocked to hear the fact, he was right because I didn't understand what mean hungry.
      Every year's more than 20 million tons of cocked and row foods are trashed in America, but, there should be some way to donate them to the poor countries with the help of the United Nations.
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    • ~Zen~
      @PGA living here in Mexico I see the poverty. It is heart breaking.

      I believe it is us the little people who actually do what we can to help. When someone gets that rich they begin to think that everyone else is at their same level of prosperity, and put poverty out of their minds. I have seen it happen to people I know.

      I give away more than the 1 % I suggested - it is not that hard. And it makes me happy to be doing so.

      Thank you for sharing your compassion.
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