Pinewood turned swamp

jagerhans, Feb 12, 2021

I LOVE when it gets like this. No one around, silence, and a muddy bottom to walk in !

Pinewood turned swamp
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    • jagerhans
      I like when it gets like that. It takes a lot of rain but that slice of woods becomes flooded and very close to the theatre of my dreams. I dream of that place very often but it is a bit different in my dreams. When it's so swampy there is no one around save for me but it is normal cause I'm a lunatic. I love feeling the muddy bottom and don't care how bad I wind up because i am always barefoot and wearing badly torn stinky jeans. The best thing is silence and the absolute best is when it happens in the hot season, Not the case now, it was a bit freezing but it made even better in some way, when it's cold there is absolutely no one around, just me and the frogs, and a few snakes. When I get out of that place it is usually dusk, time to go to the seashore and wash all the mud away while reflecting about life and death.
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