og x bc cheese female 2018 indoor grow

rollingalong, Jul 29, 2018

girls in back were potted 10 days previous to girls down front...all were sprouted simultaneously this is an og male crossed to a bc cheese female of my own breeding...first year of the cross...I will cross this back to itself and stabilize the strain

og x bc cheese female 2018 indoor grow
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    • Pete's Draggin'
      Rolls Gold room is the first thing that comes to mind.
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    • tkm954
      Very impressive.Sounds like an interesting cross.
    • Asmodean
      I'm just wondering: is it legal for an individual to grow like this over there??
    • Pete's Draggin'
      Everytime I see this pic when I log on to new media...
      I swear they are multiplying and growing on the same pic Roll has posted.
    • rollingalong
      I dont own this grow...I supplied the seeds for a taste off the crop and we are close friends...his prescription allows for what you see plus 39 outside in summer....they let you start much more to account for ''male loss''

      I have access to this grow and hope to document it for hipforums friends and neighbors
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    Jul 29, 2018
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