Totally Yoda

Morning sunrise

Totally Yoda, Sep 22, 2021

Morning sunrise as I was leaving my house.

Morning sunrise
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    • ~Zen~
      I love everything from the cracked pavement to the fire in the sky :)
    • Totally Yoda
      @~Zen~ Gives it that peaceful feeling:)
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    • PGA
      I love the sunset and sunrise. It reminds me of my childhood. I grow up in a big family but always I felt alone. Every day, I sited down in a high place to watch the sunset or sunrise, even now I go to the beach just to watch the sunset.
      Your pic is fantastic, it is a combination of nature and civilized society, particularly the birds on the wires, and the wires which continue up to the horizon.
    • Totally Yoda
      @PGA I did the samething as a child and teen. Enjoying the moment of peace while watching both. I still enjoy peaceful moments alone to this day.

      And thank you kind sir! :)
    • Angelmama
      Looks just like the land across the road in front of my house!
      Amazing how much this looks like the view from my living roomI window
      Only difference is that I see the sunrise from that window not the sunset.
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    Sep 22, 2021
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