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Lucy the Elephant

Totally Yoda, Jun 25, 2021

During my travels at work. I come across a lot of cool things. I'm sure most of you all have heard about this famous Lucy the Elephant. Feel free to read up on it :)

Lucy the Elephant
    • ~Zen~
      Now that is a genuine certified Grade A Number One Ace of a roadside attraction! Beats the flea market any day! Thank you for posting this. It is an oddity I never knew of :)
    • Totally Yoda
      @~Zen~ Thank you and no problem!
      You can rent it also. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head. It's very expensive. It has all the stuff you need to live in just like a house or a hotel. I've never been inside of it. I have seen interior photos of it. It's pretty cool! :)
    • Up4Fun757
      I've been in it. It was rather worn down in the 70's, and they used to allow tours to the top of her. I was a kid, and all I recall was steps and then arising at the top. A bit anit-climactic, but she was always a welcomed sight, when vacationing at the Jersey shore.
    • Toker
      Big one!
    • Totally Yoda
      @Up4Fun757 That's pretty cool. Is it roomy inside?
    • Up4Fun757
      @Totally Yoda I was like 10 years old... all I recall is a rather dark staircase, and arriving on top of it. Sorry, I wish I had more... ha! I do recall walking past her often to get to the beach, as we were staying close by, and thinking... this looks like it belongs on a miniature golf course. Maybe there was a mini golf course next to her. I dunno.
    • nudistguyny
      Margate New Jersey. Also the Renult wine bottles that you can find in that area on the side of the advertisements. I always enjoyed spotting them as I drove past that part of the state. ( on the old state highways and byways ) They are hard to miss being 10/12 feet tall..... Memories
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    Jun 25, 2021
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