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  1. ~Zen~
    What amazed me about El Triunfo is the stonework everywhere. The streets are paved with stone, the walls of the houses are stone in beautiful patterns. This town dates back a couple hundred years...
  2. Angelmama
    Lovely house and a comfortable looking place to take a breather. I wonder about the town's name. What was the triumph it was named for? I like the hitching rail out front.
  3. Angelmama
    Cheerful looking church; I like the red accents and I bet even God gets a kick out of it. The word triunfo means 'triumph'. Interesting name. I wonder what it's like inside?
  4. ~Zen~
    @Todd56 I would Like to see that!
  5. Todd56
    That looks like a beautiful setting and the cactus blooms are lovely. I'll post a photo of our large cactus patch way up in Michigan, when they bloom in July.

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