beach of Cecina

jagerhans, Jun 29, 2021

the beach today

beach of Cecina
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    • ~Zen~
      Nice strand! Must of been a whale of a storm though. Those trees look unhappy :)
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    • jagerhans
      the coast line is steadily receding . places where once a beach was, now are submerged and the sea line is eating the pinewood away. the pine trees died when their roots came in contact with saltwater but the effect you notice here with all the slanted trees is just the result of strong winter storms. It is a local trouble brought in by the human modification of the coastline that changed the streams bringing more erosion in some places. One late evening during winter I was taking a walk in the woods and when I decided to dip my toes a bit in the gelid water i barely avoided to break a leg because where the path was i found a seven foot tall drop. not really the paradise it looks like but I've seen worse places. note to self, avoid walking in the dark
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    Jun 29, 2021
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