Wtarproof LED Grow Light and Aquarium Light

***Newest Models*** Wtarproof LED Grow Light and Aquarium Light will win in the market in the furure. 1.Advantages of LED Aquarium Lights (1)Materials meet environment friendly, no hydrargyrum or harmful heavy metal. (2)The light and power is connected by the waterproof stack plug to make fix & debuging easily (3)Several lights can be connected together.The wattage power will no longer be restricted to combinate according to user's requirement. It is unlimited (4)No fans, lower defective percent, good heat performance with industrial product requirements. No Fans, no noise (5)The unique design is more convenient and flexible, easier to be stalled in any special space. (6)Waterproof performace is up to IP68, it works well under water and has a vast application. (7)Ratio:Normail ratio or according to your exact requirement. (8) Three Years Warranty: one year complete coverage, two years prorated.For the details according to our Warranty. 2. Application: "(1)Hydroponics & Horticulture & Greenhouse Lighting. (2)Seeding/Seedling/Breeding, Farm/Flower (3)Exhibition/Garden/Bonsai/Home / urban and university research ect. " Shenzhen LED Star Technology Lighting Co.,Ltd www.led-star.en.alibaba.com www.ledstar-lighting.com Contact Person:Lisa Meng Email: lisa@ledstar-lighting.com Mobile Phone:0086-13923841102 Tel Office :0086-755-2995 1621; MSN: ledstar-master@hotmail.com; Skype: ledstar-master Fax :0086-755-2995 1621 -8009; Address:3-5Floor,Youyi Industrial Park, Bao'An District Shenzhen,GuangDong Province, China


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Lisameng, Nov 4, 2017
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