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These are photos of me, some friends and celebs, and a lot of medicines both recreational and prescription, as well as almost evry single one of them being taken by myself - note in my profile I have stated a great interest in photography; my OWN (the vast majority) photos are taken on FILM as quality is still so much better than even the very best digital, but unfortunately transferring them to my Apple and Android devices automatically chanes them into digital, ruining the exceedingly high Leica and Nikkor images they originally were using Fuji slide film for the best and Kodak for the best print negatives, my favourite Kodachrome having been withdrawn; for b/w I use Ilford as it has ALWAYS been best but colour print film of the highest quality is harder and harder to find, best being the professional versions of the Kodak films and Pro Fujicocolor. The generic films you see in supermarkets etc are the lower quality by both firms. I also used to use an East Germa film no longer made, Orwo, which along with Carl Zeiss lenses were some of the greatest products of the old Eastern bloc, along with Russian copies of Leica cameras and lenses (sold under the brand name of ФЕД, which in English were sometimes sold using Latin alphabet and marked FED). ZeissTESSAR lenses were well known evenbefore the war and Cold War, and the Jena factory was the original maker and kept the quality high always. Some of theirPENTACON cameras and lenses gradually fell behind the West, but never the lenses under Pentacon name but actually made at Carl Zeiss, which were always superb. Japanese Innovation rendered some aspects obsolete by the 1970s and particularly 80s when Canon suddenly started making optics to rival Nikkor (Nikon camera lenses) but German Leica Leitz and Carl Zeiss remained the benchmark. Nowadays if you are looking for the best lenses for digital photography, go for Panasonic which uses LEICA lenses which are not as good as their film lenses but almost, and the specialised Canon and Nikon digitally-intended lenses. You can use SOME film Nikkors on professional Nikon digital SLRs but need an adaptor and must use manual focussing, so are no use for sports and for multiple exposures but the famous 70 & 80mm PORTRAIT l3nses can not be beaten since no Leica film lenses may be used on digital cameras. I would say the Leica digital lenses are the very best but the cameras which can take them extremely limited.Stick with Film and Leica or Nikon F series cameras. Nikon E lenses are their cheap ones originally made for their amateur cameras like the Nikkormat of 1973 onwards.I have a lot of medicines and recreational drugs because I am a major contributor to the pill identification sites. Note some of their quality, especially bearing in mind that such great MACRO images are simply impossible to get so perfectly sharp and of such high resolution on even the highest priced and best image capturing equipment in the digital world with the possibke exception of the kind of cameras costing as much as a small automobile!The reason I take the photos as I do is because I wish my pill identification photos to be the best online, and some people have noted that some are better than those provided by the manufacturers and even the Physicians' and Pharmacists' Desk Reference Books!!!The only other non-commercial ID photos I know of are those taken by my very good friend and colleague Gaucho, another pill ID specialist who contributes to, and we share the copyright on around 100 images which we took together as a team.Do not confuse Gaucho with GAUCHOAMIGO who used to be all over forums but hasn't been heard of for about 2 years, he was exceedingly knowledgeable and I admired his writing skills as well. Does anybody know him or whatever happened to him???This is a great idea to let every member have their own gallery!Please post somewhere (in a reply to a post of mine?) suitable such as in one of the threads concerning the site, what you think of any profile picture ('avatar') that I use, as I love nothing better than feedback, be it good or bad!

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irastas, Nov 4, 2017
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