the bus & van

A '95 Vandura with 35 gal veg oil tank & 6.5L diesel engine.. The interior is insulated, with wood paneling, flooring and a pretty large hatch I cut in the rear part of the roof... i've tarred the top & polyurethaned some rust spots, so it looks a little rougher than this photo.. the passenger side door has no window.. if the right brother or sister comes along to help me, we'll cut windows.. it's intended primarily as a support vehicle, at the moment, though. the bus is a shorty, with a veggie oil conversion, 6.9L indirect injection motor, 125 gallons in fuel tanks, plus 60 gallons H2O holding, & even something that passes for a stand up shower.. cheap 8 kw generator & 45 watt solar array.. just finished the interior... insulated floors & walls. used crappy furniture & screwed in lots of crappy woodwork.. cut & shoved into place by a freak who refuses to use a ruler..

TryingAgain, Aug 23, 2011
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