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I'm not entirely going to give bits of pieces of me but I'm 18 and I fell in love with this dude last year and yes, it's "online" . I never knew I'd fall in love with someone, that is online aswell but in the end I did like the way he treated me and stuff.. well the point here is...we've been together for a year and few months but obviously with arguments in between. There were times we didn't talk to eachother for a day but the next day or the day after we'd make up... Yes, he does live "lands" away. Everytime we argue , he'd say he does love me but is busy with Uni...but hey can't even sacrifice a day for me? I have to literally beg for it... I haven't told this to my friends in real but to my other online friends and I think they kind of are getting annoyed about me repeating the same thing so I tend not to talk about this to them anymore... so I take it to myself and just put it somewhere deep inside me but it makes me cry... and I try to not cry since my parents will ask me why I'm crying randomly...which is pretty weird right? Well...he hasn't texted me nor has he said anything/ like hasn't come online or anything... I feel as if we are growing apart, clearly we are... but I want to keep it that way...cuz I don't want to be the one begging for him to love me as well as I love him... I don't know what to do... and how to deal with it... it does stress me out when I think about it. Didn't know it had side affects... Truly speaking, I do love him but at the same time I feel the stupid pain inside me... Oh and also, we haven't met eachother but have exchanged pictures that's about it...exchanged mobile numbers, talked ... and that's it. Now there's no news from him...and I honestly don't know what to do...

ErzaScarlet.x, Oct 1, 2012
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