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What you think about these cats?

Deleted member 314471, Jan 24, 2020
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    • KL71
      Who doesn't like kitties? ^--^
    • jagerhans
      @KL71 rats, birds, lizards...
    • wilsjane
      Other than the fur colour. 0003 is the image of our current cat and 0004 is the image of his late father. Their fur colour is similar to 0005. The one thing that they both have in common is a great love of dogs. Following the death of the older cat, we first decided to get him a kitten for company, but ended up with a rescue rottweiler. When we brought him home, you could see the puzzled look on his face, obviously wondering why the cat was rubbing around his legs, rather than trying to scratch his eyes out. This hot weather, they are either relaxing together in the garden or on the settee.

      Are any of the cats in the pictures yours.? They all look relaxed and healthy.
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