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Berenstein Bears And The Mandela Effect

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#31 Beach Ball Lady Balls

Beach Ball Lady Balls


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Posted September 07 2017 - 12:10 PM

Baranstain Bears you mean

Yes let's change all the E's to A's. Lol

We can create the mangled affect!

#32 autophobe2e


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Posted September 17 2017 - 11:16 AM

As far as I can work out, the mandela effect seems to mainly be bits of film and pop culture trivia that people misremember because they are often taken out of context to be repeated. for example, the reason we remember "Luke, I am your father", "Life is like a box of Chocolates" and "play it again Sam" are because those lines don't make sense without the context of the scene, so we've heard them repeated more often in that alternate form. Often the alternate versions are used in marketing or popular parodies.


OR we have memories from an alternate dimension.


It's one or the other...


People who are well-informed don't think that Mandela died in the 80's. Is it because they pay attention to the news, or because they are somehow coincidentally also the people who are less influenced by alternate realities?


People who are Star Wars megafans know that Darth Vader Said "No, I am your father". Again, Is this because they know what they're talking about, or because, again, they are less susceptible to false memories from quantam woo?


Again, it's one or the other....


#33 Dejavu~



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Posted September 19 2017 - 06:43 PM


OR we have memories from an alternate dimension.


It's one or the other...



Could be both auto. Some of us could still have poor recall despite the superior memory we enjoy in alternate dimensions. ;D


I'm a berensteiner, of the variety that remember it being pronounced stain, as opposed steen or stine. Weird for me as I remember noting the difference between the spelling and pronunciation as a child! lol 


From "The Berenstæin Bears and the Big Spelling Bee":


There are two ways to become a good speller.

One is to study lists of words and memorize

the way they are spelled.


The other is to be a good

reader and just let the words

seep into your brain.



They lied to me! lol




(  My actual theory is that I misremembered owing to the various differing pronunciations, or that I somehow saw the a as an e owing to the font? I'm still confused! )

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#34 hotwater


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Posted September 26 2017 - 08:09 PM

Many of us alive today either read the Berenstein Bears to our children, or we were the children who had our parents and caretakers read the Berenstein Bears to us. When I was a child, everyone I knew called these books the Berenstein Bears. However, when I look at the titles of these books now, it is spelled Berenstain. That's not even remotely pronounced the same. And even the animated series says Berenstain. I could've sworn that when I was younger, the TV adverts pronounced it Berenstein.

So what the hell is this? One would say this is the Mandela Effect. You see, it seems to some people like me, that we may have shifted into a parallel universe where we now refer to the books as Berenstain Bears.

Some people I've talked to on and offline say that it's always been Berenstain Bears, but for me and many others, it is Berenstein.

Full article about the transfer of paralel universe and the Mandela Effect:

The Mandela Effect refers to a group of people who are absolutely positive that Nelson Mandela died in prison (which didn’t happen.) Their theory is that other people share this same false memory because there was an alternate history or parallel universe where that really happened, and our two universes somehow merged. Others have posited that perhaps someone traveled back in time and altered things slightly enough to change Mandela and Berenstain, causing a ripple effect that only a small percentage remember.

I believe I, and many others, have transferred between universes where Nelson Mandela died in prison, and grew up reading the Berenstein Bears. Into a universe where Nelson Mandela life a long and fulfilling life with the Berenstain Bears.

Some conspiracy theorists blame the high energy output of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as the most likely source of the Mandela Effect


The collision of exotic particles within the electrodynamic accelerator distorts time and breakdown the barriers between universes and thus interferes with normal human brain function  




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Never! This is outrageous. I'm through with it. I'll have no more of this hell-spawn!

#35 Irminsul



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Posted September 26 2017 - 10:02 PM

Cartoon bears ends up in parallel universes. Lol.

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#36 themnax


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Posted September 28 2017 - 01:00 AM

they weren't part of my childhood, i was in my 20s in the 70s, but i do remember them.

as for the op's memories, just another case of trading places with another of your selves in a parallel universe.

most people don't notice when this happens, or just think something rotted their brain,

but i pay attention because i like new scenes.  only thing is, most (adjacent) parallel universes,

its just one little thing like that that's the only difference between them.


now if you could swap with one a long way out, that would be interesting for both of those selves.


it isn't c.e.r.n. though.  its EVERY time ANYTHING could happen multiple different ways.

"conspiracy" implies intent.  this is just the way the multiverse works (if it should so happen to be that it does),

nothing to do with any awareness's intentions. 

Edited by themnax, September 28 2017 - 01:05 AM.

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#37 RetiredHippie



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Posted September 29 2017 - 05:54 AM

I knew there was something seriously wrong with the Spooky Old Tree Book. I kept getting panic attacks everytime I read them to both my daughters when they were little. Now I know why.

#38 MeAgain


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Posted September 29 2017 - 08:31 AM



"Oh, how sweet it is to hear one's own convictions from another's lips"

~ Goethe



#39 I'minmyunderwear


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Posted September 29 2017 - 05:22 PM

I knew there was something seriously wrong with the Spooky Old Tree Book. I kept getting panic attacks everytime I read them to both my daughters when they were little. Now I know why.


it is now and has always been called "the spunky odd tree."

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