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Bill Would Allow Killing Of Bears And Wolves Again On Alaska Wildlife Refuges

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#11 6-eyed shaman

6-eyed shaman


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Posted February 17 2017 - 06:57 PM

I'm not anti-hunting, but I am very much anti-poaching of endangered and threatened animals.

If population numbers are getting out of hand in the ecosystem, human intervention via hunting is a good thing.

I've never hunted before. But I have gone fishing, crabbing, and killed a wild duck with my bare hands. In my defense, it was critically injured and there was no way in rescuing it. It was the tastiest duck I ever had. Mmmmm mmmmmm.

Where I live, deer are pests. They raid and pillage people's gardens and flower beds. They attack people's dogs ( I speak from experience). They spread lime disease and a bunch of other viruses. And they're a road hazard. I once snuck up on a deer by hiding behind a car as it was approaching me one time. When it got 5 feet away from me I jumped out and yelled Booo! really loud. I gave it a mini seizure before it ran away

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#12 Spaceman Spiff

Spaceman Spiff

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Posted February 17 2017 - 06:59 PM

Timothy Treadwell approves this thread




oh wait....

#13 orison


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Posted February 17 2017 - 07:30 PM

moon sheds tears. you know absolutely nothing about wildlife, you must think they walk into walmart and buy their food..

you are a sheltered little girl.. ya really need to stop make assumptions of why wild animals need culled. Oh its because they buy a hunting license, they just get to freely kill whatever they want.. It dont work that way.. There are limits no matter where game is taken. Poachers get dealt with by game officials. Have you no Animal Planet on cable?/North Wood Law is like that everywhere in the CONUS.  There is no wild wild west just randomly killing, trapping, luring killing going on anywhere... Legally taken game meat is often given to food banks and people that can no longer support themselves ... Like aging Alaskan Natives...  None of these animals are on the endangered list. In fact they are more endangered when their species population outgrows their habitat.. Very little human beings there to begin with.. This is not the main issue.. These animals will become out of control for their confined spaces, killing their own kind for survival.. Bears and Wolves dont kill each other til their communities are fucked.. kinda like people..

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Hopes for grace and peace of mind

#14 Moonglow181


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Posted February 18 2017 - 07:54 AM

Oh, my.....I certainly hope that we all sheltered here with a roof of some kind over our heads......but you really do not know anything about me and what I have experienced in life, ect......so I had to giggle at your assessment of me....but this thread is not about me.....


So I would hope you do not oppose abortion to further add to the over population problem of the planet.....where man is spreading like a virus taking all of these animal's natural habitats, upsetting nature's balances.....ect.....but there is man.....image of god....to decide what gets to live or not....and take care of the problems he created.


I am tired of the same ole justifications. I could never kill anything and I do not understand anyone who can...other than if an animal or person  was really threatening your life and going to kill you first.....


 I am not here as a hate campaign to those that can kill animals.....as orison, I really don't hate you. I heard your video a month or so ago and thought you have a wonderful voice... :)


but this thread is not about you, either.... :)


I just cannot kill anything...pretty plain, simple and straight forward statement from me...no judgements....

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#15 Moonglow181


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Posted February 24 2017 - 10:00 AM

I do not think I need any more convincing that the appointed government in place now, is the most HEARTLESS I have ever seen. It just gets worse and worse every day on all fronts.....

This is from my ASPCA emails today.....

I guess if they had a conscience , it would bother them...:(





it's outrageous.

The House of Representatives just voted to overturn a rule to protect grizzly bears from being caught in cruel steel-jaw leghold traps and suffering horribly for hours on end in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges.

Without warning or explanation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture purged its website of all government inspection reports on thousands of puppy mills, laboratories, roadside zoos and other facilities.

Bureaucratic bungling is allowing abuse of Tennessee walking horses to continue.

Animals are under attack. So many gains you've helped make for animals in recent years are in danger of being rolled back. Gutted. Eliminated.

Please, help stop this blatant attack on animals: Make an emergency gift today.

Animals rely on people from across the political spectrum to stand up for them. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike are outraged that Congress, the new administration and the federal bureaucracy are taking actions that will lead to immense animal suffering.

Only you can stop it. Please... make a special, urgent gift to The Humane Society of the United States right now»

With your support, we'll fight these rollbacks. We'll fight to ensure that bears, wolves and other animals on wildlife refuges in Alaska are spared the misery of being caught in cruel traps or shot in their dens. We'll work to persuade the USDA to stop covering up for animal abusers. We'll work to get the rule that prohibits horse "soring" reinstated, so that Tennessee Walking Horses will endure that pain no longer.

We'll remain vigilant to other threats sure to come. And, with your support, we'll make a stand for animals.

, this is a critical time for animals and for those who care about their protection. Together, you and The HSUS work tirelessly to put an end to all forms of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.

Please make a gift right now to stop these attacks and protect the gains you've made for animals.


Thank you for all you do for animals.
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

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