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Is The California Flag Communist?

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Posted May 05 2017 - 12:33 PM

The red star comes from the Lone Star flag of California used when it rebelled against Mexico in 1836. It was red because they used blackberry juice for a dye.

The bear came from Peter Storm in 1846. He was the leader of another rebellion against Mexico. 

The bear was designed to be a symbol of strength and unyielding resistance.[4]
At a company meeting it was determined that we should raise a flag, and that it should be a bear en passant [a heraldry term signifying that the bear is walking toward the viewer's left], with one star. One of the ladies at the garrison gave us a piece of brown domestic, and Mrs. Captain John Sears gave us some strips of red flannel about 4 inches wide. The domestic was new, but the flannel was said to have been part of a petticoat worn by Mrs. Sears across the mountains…I took a pen, and with ink drew the outline of the bear and star upon the white cloth. Linseed oil and Venetian red were found in the garrison, and I painted the bear and star…Underneath the bear and star were printed with a pen the words 'California Republic' in Roman letters. In painting the words I first lined out the letters with a pen, leaving out the letter 'i' and putting 'c' where 'i' should have been, and afterwards the 'i' over the 'c'. It was made with ink, and we had nothing to remove the marks.[18]



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Posted May 14 2017 - 08:41 PM

A lot of Americans don't have an understanding of what Communism truly is. So it's just anything they don't like. You seem like one of those people.


Well "theoretical" communism can't be pinned down because it's just a form of socialism and good luck finding two socialists who agree on a definition of socialism. There's just a long list of perversions. The only thing we can really measure is the human toll of socialism/communism in the real world which is what I was referring to. My hatred for anything pertaining to communism comes from patrolling the East German border. Nothing says "failed ideology" like staring into the world's largest prison where simply wanting to leave would get you killed. Communism is what erected hundreds of guard towers with machine guns and lined fences with anti-personnel mines. Now I'm not saying CA will kill anybody trying to leave the state (well, there was an effort to seize investments and retirement funds of Californians wanting to leave the state, is that close enough?) but there are plenty of other valid comparisons.


So let's make some comparisons to the Soviet system and CA:


CA doesn't have guards on the border that force you to stop your car to get permission to enter the state...oh wait, it does.

CA doesn't seize personal property and sell it for the benefit of the state without due process. Oh wait...it does.

CA doesn't ignore the will of the voters to impose the legislature's own agenda...oh wait, it does.

CA doesn't control the means of production....well they're still trying to impose cap and trade on energy so yeah, it's fast on its way.

CA doesn't impose state run healthcare on all of its citizens....yet. A bill to force ALL Californians onto single payer healthcare just passed out of committee.

CA certainly doesn't seize profits from enterprise. oh wait, it does. They just declared the state is seizing all proceeds from the sale of plastic bags from business owners.

CA legislature isn't exempt from California laws...oh wait, they are. They carve out exemptions for themselves from almost all legislation.

CA doesn't strip Constitutional rights from its citizens without due process....oh wait, it sure does.

CA doesn't suppress free speech...oh wait, it does.

CA doesn't continuously impose new taxes without the consent of the people....oh wait, happens all the time.

CA isn't a one-party state...oh wait, it is. They fixed that problem a couple of years ago. Just look at who ran for the Senate last year. No Republicans were allowed on the ballot. You either voted for the Democrat or the Democrat. Just like the Soviet Union where you either voted for the communist or the communist.


Native Californians are clueless as to what it means to live in a free state where individual rights are respected. So when I speak about communism I'm talking about communism that actually existed, not theoretical communism which is just a pipe dream.


But whatever, this thread is about whether the CA flag is communist. I like the CA flag, never saw it as being communist. But of the 50 states, CA is without a doubt the closest to communist ideology you'll find. Just look to Berkeley for your answers. Those idiots rioted to suppress free speech and Berkeley PD was told to stand down. There's certainly nothing communist about suppressing free speech, right?


So with that, I'll leave you with this:


"To clarify any court cases that would make this unconstitutional, that would make this a problem....the legislature sometimes ignores whether it's Constitutional or not, we go ahead and make laws, because we're California"


 - CA Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer on the California legislature not caring about the US Constitution.

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Posted May 21 2017 - 01:40 AM

does that mean smokey is "communist" too?

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