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What did you cook today?

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#3981 Reverand JC

Reverand JC

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Posted August 14 2017 - 05:56 PM

there's more. sorry for the multiposts! (oh, i think maybe i know wha ti did)


chicken jalfrezi




and gluten free/dairy free/and if i had two more bananas, would have been sugar free...and!! if I could tolerate it, it could have been egg free, but can't do so much flaxseed powder. :P


little burnt, but i call this a major success in gluten free cooking. I've had such trouble with it until this. yay! :D






I'm not trying to mock you but I just saw this the other day and though it was funny as hell:



My former roommate had celiac(?)and was dogmatically anti gluten.



Rev J

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#3982 Ged


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Posted Yesterday, 04:50 PM

I had a throw-together meal from the depths of the freezer. Fish fingers and spicy bean burgers. I'm cutting down on beef and pork, eating more chicken and fish.
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#3983 Lucy Goosey

Lucy Goosey


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Posted Today, 01:59 PM

Roasted chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and green beans with a wild rice blend. I put some Cajun type spices on the beans. Yum, nice and spicy!








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#3984 Aerianne


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Posted Today, 02:37 PM

I felt like I was starving so I quickly cooked a chopped steak pattie and microwaved a packet of Knorr's Spanish Rice.



#3985 Meliai


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Posted Today, 04:08 PM

Roasted chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and green beans with a wild rice blend. I put some Cajun type spices on the beans. Yum, nice and spicy!

Yum, I'm always looking for meatless meal ideas. This looks good!

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#3986 Moonglow181


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Posted Today, 05:14 PM

Successful Indian kitchen here tonight.....One of the very few meat dishes I make.Curried chicken made with chicken thighs. I only ate one chicken thigh that you see on my plate.......brown rice......peas and mango chutney,

, the best part...........to cool down all the hot spices......curry made with curry, turmeric, cinnamon, powdered ginger....fresh ginger pieces sprinkled


on top of dinner plate...jalapenos, onions and garlic.......


Awesome stuff.




#3987 Spaceman Spiff

Spaceman Spiff

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Posted Today, 05:22 PM

yesterday was sausages...i was too lazy to go buy buns so i just ate them the way they were


boiled them awhile and then slapped them on the bbq to finish


today ive cooked nothing but i know theres hash brown patties in the freezer so i might stick a few in the toaster oven 

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