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What is your opinion on Vladimir Putin?

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#201 BlackBillBlake


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Posted April 28 2017 - 11:13 AM

You know his succesor? Please enlighten me :P

It's the same for Russia as for a country like Turkey: as long as the people trust their government mainly because of the 'strong leader' it is a great reality check to see past that leader. Seems to me supporters of Putin and Erdogan just hope those leaders can live eternally :P Quite hopeless.
Such faulty leaders should die soon (by unmistakenly natural causes, don't get me wrong here!), so the whole country can move on. Yeps, that's what I hope for. I too understand of course that the next leader(s) can be even worse but no its not a given.

Nope, that's just how east europeans (like to) perceive it

Probably Putin will be there for some time to come. I agree with your point about strong leaders, and really what amounts to a cult of personality. The Russians had it before under Stalin. The Turks too under Ataturk, although he was probably more progressive in his day than Erdogan. Both previously had dynasties that ensured their own succession. But a dictator? Hard for a dictator to groom a successor, as they will then be constantly looking over their shoulder to see if he's decided the time has come......


With Putin though, I think you may be right and it's only when he's dead and gone that a new leader can emerge. Political opposition in Russia seems to get rapidly crushed.


Both Turk and Russian have posed a threat to Eastern Europe in the past.

#202 Christal_Nocked



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Posted May 15 2017 - 09:22 AM

I've always liked Putey Pute--as Dubyah used to call him. He seems like "a man's man" and I admire his resolve to return his Nation to Greatness once again.


I also don't think he poses much of a threat to us here in the US. For one, as a history junkie and as somebody whose father is retired NSA, I know that our own government greatly embellished the potential threat the USSR posed during the Cold War. We were fare more aggressive than they were. We did things to them that, had the shoe been on the other foot and the Soviets tried that with us, we would have considered them tantamount to acts of war.


I never understood why we and Russia cannot be closer allies, especially now that the USSR has been dissolved for over 20 years. I hope we do become strong allies, and feel this would be a mutually beneficial arrangement.



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#203 ahsorandy



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Posted May 15 2017 - 09:37 AM

Putin is nothing but a clown without the makeup, suit, and clown shoes!  I say this because of him condoning the behaviors of the idiot in Syria and moron in North Korea!


He looks like he wants to bring back the U.S.S.R. too!


Come on Putin!  It looks more and more like we will need to wage another cold war to bring Russia to it's knees once again!