Zucchero..is the greatest Italian pop star...

Discussion in 'Italian' started by old tiger, May 18, 2007.

  1. old tiger

    old tiger Senior Member

    Yes...he is..always was my favorite anyway..
    much better then Eros Ramazotti??
    mi piace molto...molto...como se dice in Italia..
    perdone...dove sono gli spiccioli??
    i used to travell in 1970's in Italia..:mad:
    no spiccioli..they gave me back telephone call jetone..
    perbacco..como estaba possibile??:)
    any comments???
    crazy Tiger

  2. AcQuAriO

    AcQuAriO Member

    Io non ho capito niente.. se qualcuno è cosi gentile da tradurre
  3. janis89

    janis89 Member

    I do agree with you.I personally don't like very much both,but if i had to choose,i'd chose Zucchero!From 1970' things have changed a lot!We don't use call jetones anymore,we use money or phone cards!
  4. old tiger

    old tiger Senior Member

    Grazie mille tante,Janis:)
  5. old tiger

    old tiger Senior Member

  6. Skop's

    Skop's Very old member, but young

    Oh, I do not love Zucchero. My favourite italians music artists are Fabio Treves, Adriano Celenterato, Jannacci, Fabrizio De Andrè, Franco Battiato, but not Zucchero. Zah zah zah!!

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