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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Elibrian70, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Elibrian70

    Elibrian70 Member

    What are some colors that each zodiac sign has rulership of?

    I ask this because I notice certain people of certain signs have a tendency to be attracted to certain colors.

    Almost every Gemini and Virgo I know is attracted to green (light and dark), navy blue, and sometimes yellow. Sometimes, I find a Virgo who is attracted to white, pink, or blue, or a Gemini who is attracted to brown or black.

    My moon in Libra friend looooves to wear black and white together.. I am a Libra and this is one of my favorite color matches.

    I find Tauruses who love to wear pink, purple, and light blue.

    Any premises on this?
  2. Enlil6

    Enlil6 Member

    Yep this has been around a long time, though not in the way your question is stated. The reason why is that identifying people by Sun sign is quite new to astrology.

    However, the signs DO have colors and many other things assigned to them. Most of the time, these were used to coax more detail out of readings, so if for some reason a color is needed, you could figure out what it was.

    According to William Lilly ca. 1650, here is the list:

    Aries - White mixed with red
    Taurus - white with citrine (i.e. pale yellow)
    Gemini - White mixed with red
    Cancer - Green or russet (i.e. reddish brown)
    Leo - Red or green
    Virgo - Black speckled with blue
    Libra - Black or dark crimson or tawny (pale orange-brown)
    Scorpio - brown
    Saggitarius - Yellow or a green sanguine (greenish-brown)
    Capricorn - Black or russet or swarthy brown (i.e. dark brown)
    Aquarius - sky color with blue
    Pisces - white glistening color

    Bonus - planets:

    Saturn - black
    Jupiter - a color mixed with red and green (some people say green or pale yellow)
    Mars - Red
    Sun - Yellow or yellow purple
    Venus - white or purple (some people say blue)
    Mercury - sky color or bluish (some people say multi-colored)
    Moon - Spotted white with mixed colors (some people just say white)
  3. Elibrian70

    Elibrian70 Member

    If Gemini is white mixed with red, and Virgo is black spotted with blue, then how come I find them attracted to the colors that I listed? And I don't like any of the colors listed for me, except black, but only paired with white lol
  4. Enlil6

    Enlil6 Member

    Astrologers didn't indentify people by Sun sign until the 20th century/late 19th century, so that might explain it.
  5. bluesafire

    bluesafire Senior Member

    I tend to wear red, brown, black, and white mostly. Doesn't seem to match me Astrologically, I don't think.

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