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  1. Me and a couple friends at my school are starting a zine as part of an art project and just for fun. Does anybody have any ideas for articles or just designs or anything interesting that they wouldn't mind me using? If you do, please reply. Thanks!
  2. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    what about hand made crafts
    music (Janis, GREATFUL DEAD, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Marley... anything current?)
    Upcoming election (View on a black pres and woman pres... interview students)
    Recycling tips/Electricity conservation
    Conservation of anything (animals, people, plants, oil....)
    Part time summer jobs (since summer is coming up)
    Things to do in the summer
    Computer games and websites
    Dowloading pirated music
    Each issue (or even if it's just one) interview a special student or teacher
    Maybe put an advertisement for PETA!!! (REALLY>>> NOT KIDDING)
    Effects of vegetarian diet
    Do a piece on body art (tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks... check out the body mod section here)

    I could go on... but I will stop
  3. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    Shit... if you did everything I just suggested you would have an entire zine in one swoop!
  4. hey thanks those are all very good ideas, and much at what we are trying to get at by making this zine. thanks!!
  5. allegedly

    allegedly Member

    Try to interview Anton Newcombe. He's fucking crazy, man!

    Just kidding about that one.

    dixie_pixy had a million good ideas.
  6. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

    Poems submitted from students
    movie reviews
    book reviews
    article and info on famous ppl who changed history
  7. I dont wanna sound stupid, but whats a zine? iv never heard of one :l
  8. Freewheelin Franklin

    Freewheelin Franklin Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    "How to take over the School"
    "Teaching subjects your principal doesn't want you to know"
    "Hydroponics 101"
  9. a zine is like a magazine that is made very cheaply (most of the time) and usually has to do with underground things that arent mainstream, they were pretty popular in the 70s with the underground punk bands and such

    and thanks for your ideas guys!
  10. BadBlackDog

    BadBlackDog Member

    All good ideas except for this one. A much better idea would be an article exposing PETA for what they are. Most people have musconceptions about PETA and blindly support them thinking their money and efforts (handing out PETA propaganda) are going "to help animals". The truth about PETA would be something many people are unaware of and would help people make better informed choices on organizations to support with their time and/or money. Even their own website is very telling in that they come right out and talk about wanting to see certain dog breeds banned and wanting to see the end of pets. Check out these links to see what PETA is really about:

    PETA workers on trial for killing dogs and dumping their bodies in random local dumpsters. PETA supported their actions and I believe paid their legal fees:



    7 things you didn't know about PETA...

    PETA supports banning ownership of certain breeds of dogs:



    PETA wants to see an end to pets and wishes to see the US to become a "no birth nation" meaning no new domestic pets will ever be born. Needless to say they are also against purebred dogs or breeding for any reason:



    PETA encourages people to "Make sure every animal on your block is spayed or neutered, even if that means that you have to drive the animals to the veterinarian or animal shelter and pay for the surgeries yourself." Wonder if this goes for well cared intact pets? Is it ok to take an animal form soemone's yard and have it put through surgery against the owner's wishes?




    "It is important, also, to keep our companion animals from reproducing, which perpetuates a class of animals who are forced to rely on humans to survive." FRom the same link were PETA explains why they oppose the use of working dogs including service dogs for disabled people:

    LOL I think this subject could probably fill a whole Zine on it's own ;) Really though I think it is important people become educated on exactly what they are supporting with large organizations such as PETA. IMO PETA gets a lot of supporters because who wouldn't oppose to animals being skinned alive? Who doesn't want to see improvements in the way food animals are treated? Who wouldn't want to see pets treated more humanely? Many of their supporters never research the group further then knowing they want to see animals treated better and that is what PETA claims they are about. Many supporters though would more likely find their beliefs closer in line with animal welfare then animal rights: http://www.animalwelfarecouncil.com/html/aw/rights.php

    Ok really I'm done now :) Good luck with your Zine!
  11. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    If anyone wants an educated response to the above post... let me know!
    No offense, your just biased to Anti-Peta propaganda.
    Every organization will have it's flaws, especially when it is as large a PETA is. However, you can't punish the entire group for the actions of a handful. Not to mention much of the negative that is taken from PETA is half-truths or whole lies. PETA gets their words twisted a lot because as an organization they are standing up and telling people what they should and should not be doing. People don't like to be criticized... especially when they know those who are doing the criticizing are right.

    Cliff Notes Version: To be a member of a group you don't have to agree with every idea the groups leader (or anyone in the group) holds. We are all individual. And the group should not be punished. Imagine what would happen if people went after NAACP, Red Cross, Darfur Crisis Intervention or any other group that is working to make some kind of change in the world! I'm sure there are people in each of these groups laundering money, committing crimes and saying things that the world does not agree with. Everyone knows the Red Cross has. But you can't judge the group based on it's sinful leader! Some people really are working to make a change in the world.
  12. well thanks anyways guys,
    im not sure whose side to take on this "peta debate", perhaps i need to read up on it a little more and that would be an interesting topic to approach in the zine

    and thanks everyone for replying and giving me new inspiration

    p & l
    lauren =]
  13. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    All I know is how I feel. And the way that I feel is that I support parts of PETA and the parts that I support I support fully!
  14. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

  15. BadBlackDog

    BadBlackDog Member

    I'd certainly be interested in how one defends the cruelty charges of the two PETA workers who killed dogs they were supposed to be rescuing then dumped the bodies in other people's dumpsters. PETA did stand behind these workers, paid their legal fees and still are supportive of what they did.

    Also much of the info is directly taken from PETA's sites - they don't support pets, working animals, any form of breeding and they do support banning certain breeds of dogs. All that info can be found right on their websites.

    So really with PETA there is no need to stretch the truth or twist words. They openly talk about their agenda and openly offer their extreme beliefs and it is on the website for anyone to read. Take for example how they don't approve of predator reintroduction because it is "too traumatizing" for prey animals.


    The issue here is not one of a few wackos in a group giving them an undeserved bad name. As I said you can find the info I posted on their own website. The Animal Rights movement on a whole is against meat eating, use of animal products, keeping of pets, breeding animals and any number of animal related issues that are anything other then "enjoying wild animals from afar" (and apparently even at that they shouldn't be carnivores...). PETA is an Animal Rights group and that is what animal rights is. Just like their are no ProLife groups who think abortion should be a personal choice, there are no Animal Rights groups which think eating meat, having pets, breeding animals and use of animal products should be a personal choice.

    I am not posting this info as a "believe what I am saying" kinda thing but rather as a "think long and hard before supporting any organization" kind of thing. As a final thought for this post I suggest checking out this AR forum, a place where PETA and other AR group supporters discuss issues of the AR movement. If you agree with what these posters say then you are for Animal Rights without a doubt. Me, personally - I think the sort of animals people own and what they eat should remain a personal choice. I'm a supporter of freedom of choice like that. Also, I really like my purebred dogs and would like to continue to have them in the future. I want to continue to attend dog shows with them and allow them to be part of my life. Those things certainly don't go along with AR/PETA's agenda, which means I would be stupid to support such groups.

  16. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    Everyone is open to interpreting ANYTHING the way they desire. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. I understand that parts of "PETA" does not fit well with my life. However, there are parts that I completely agree with. Such as eating meat, breeding animals, not going to the circus, not wearing wool or fur. There are many people who are extremists who don't believe in having pets. However, if you ask the majority of PETA supporters you will find that they have one or more pets in their home. And if they don't, its generally because the house they live in (whether owned by a parent or they are renting... etc) will not support having animals in the home.

    As far as the two men that dumped the dogs in the garbage... first of all that is a single incident. It does not prove anything of PETA. In fact, the two men were proven innocent of any wrong doings.

    The fact is, PETA euthanises animals. Animals that are too sick to survive. The same as you would take a family member off of life support. Nobody wants to do it... but it has to be done to keep that person... animal out of pain. Anti-peta supporters will make it sound like murder or corruption... all it is is a necessary evil. I know I would euthanise my dog if he got too sick. Unfortunately those two men (keep in mind it was TWO men) should not have done what they did with the body.

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