Zeitgeist Movement- Any thoughts...

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by AmericanTerrorist, May 7, 2013.

  1. Positive... neutral or... a tool used by the N.W.O. elites???

    (Im asking because I'm really not sure what to think yet on this)
  2. QuietPerson

    QuietPerson Member

    I used to follow it more closely than I do. I like the post-scarcity concept (and have myself been advocating for the idea that money is or at least will soon be obsolete since some time in the 1980s). I did have some qualms about the idea from ZM that "opinions will be obsolete." While I understand the need for reason based on empirical evidence, I also think "opinion" also relates to things like personal taste, art, etc., which I think we'd be making a big mistake in giving up. That said, Peter Joseph, etc. may be using the word "opinion" a little differently than I am.

    I haven't kept up much with ZM specifically for awhile. I think the last I heard was that ZM and the Venus Project had parted ways over some disputes about the projects' direction, but I don't know a lot about it.

    I'm not sure whether any of the current post-scarcity movements (Zeitgeist, Open Source Ecology, and I think there's at least one more I'm forgetting the name of right offbrain) will become "the" post-scarcity movement, as they all have slightly different emphases, but I'm really glad that such movements exist in general and I'm betting that eventually one or more of them will result in moneyless communities that use technology appropriately, sustainably, and probably more innovatively than it's used now.
  3. Well, I think it's a good concept for sure but it has it's flaws. In a sense wouldn't it just be control by science-computers?

    and I really don't think society is ready for this yet... maybe in a certain amount of time.. wondering about an intermediate step/concept...
  4. broony

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    Its good, because it is helping brining awareness upfront. Now while some of the films sayings might not be entirely true, i think the films are shocking enough in many parts to get others to start researching certain things the films present.
  5. QuietPerson

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    I think "readiness" is kind of a tricky thing. Frankly, I don't think our society is ready for a whole lot of things we already have, but here they are. The problem is, the only thing many of our current societies seem ready for at this point is more of the same old shit. I think the best thing about movements like ZM is that they're an indication that some segments of the populace are starting to realize there's a huge gap between what we could be doing and what we are doing towards improving life rather than improving profit.

    AI is a really, really huge topic. My concern about AI isn't so much the usual one about computers taking over the world per se--I even doubt fully sentient AI would have much interest in control over humans, though it might start wanting control over itself--but rather it's that just-dumb-enough AI could and very well might be used to micromanage people. I don't think it's inevitable, but it depends on who develops the tech. I'd much prefer AI be developed by folks with values at least similar to ZM's than, for instance, by DARPA.


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