Your time is up, Christians

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Sign Related, Jun 3, 2007.

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    I see you've been blinded by what you believe! Astral projectors simply being make your religion false like the other religions. Dude that was called Christ isn'tcoming back! He's not up in the sky already either. There wont be any resurrection nor a rapture of any church! Why can't many of you see that?! "The Christ" Jesus was not because there is no God to begin with. No God came in the flesh at all. Dont be mad at me for writting this! No! Be mad at the astral projectors for their great many lies placed in the bible! And how long will it take before you disbelieve in Christianity anyway? That religion is a dead lie.

    The real Jesus, somewhat displayed in the readings of mark, matt, and luke, knew about astral projectors. So why can't you too? Many of you Christians have been acting wrongfully because your mind set is so fucked up. Repenting got to cease because it's dead wrong as a free being to do. You're at war with your natural selves as the astral projectors ago wanted. It's because they are dark beings that played as the angels and God of the bible. And that is fucked up how that can trap your minds. God is not watching, the astral projectors have been doing the watching all along.

    Astral projectors are the only ones that do go to hell while the rest of us do not. I know because the real higher power made me know the truth of that matter. So which side are you on now? You either are like me or you're against me as an astral projector. Step out of your Christian mind set and understand the truth! Do yourselves justice by doing so. Now do like me and spread the word that Christianity is false because of the astral projectors being dark beings.

    Shit. Being the anti-Christ is a good thing if you think about it. Just someone with his name dirtied up because of what astral projectors concocked against the free minded person. Yes, the astral projectors want you controlled. Believe that if anything. Anyone antichrist aint here to hurt you at all. We here to help you be your true selves. I speak the truth. Trust me. If you're ana ntichrist you're just against a big lie and that's all. You're only cursed as long as your mind set is Christian. That I know because I used to be a Christian myself.
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    Your time is up, churchians .( not christians.)

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