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Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Mlarsson, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Mlarsson

    Mlarsson Guest

    What kind of (anal) sextoys do you own?:)

    Please if you want to upload pictures and rate the toys, feel free :2thumbsup:

    I will update with pictures later:)

    Personally i own:
    Doc Johnson Classic Medium Butt Plug I'll give it 4,5/5
    Cally Dildo Too veiny for my taste. 2,5/5
    Basix Rubber Works - 9" Suction Cup Thicky. (You guys HAVE to try this one!)10/5 ;)
    Crystal Clear BIG buttplug not tried it yet.
    Deep Derek 12'' Ejaculating Dildo Same here.
    Glas Dildo No. 07 Simple and pretty good size. 3,8/5
  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I have a variety of items I own that I use for anal penetrating. Some were bought, others were items I found just as useful for anal play.
    I use one that I converted from a massage tool into an anal probe. it has a small round ball type thing at one end & a larger one the other with a curved piece in between.
  3. NikeGirl

    NikeGirl Member

    The only sex toy I still use is a vibrator. But I use to have a big rubber dildo to practice with before I ever actually had a guy.
  4. silk896

    silk896 Member

    I have a vibrator (Rabbit) and a dildo which fits into a harness.
    I really only use them on my botty with another person.

    I find toys re great fun with another person, but sort of boring by themselves.
  5. Don't forget the natural toys, too. I love sticking my whole fist in an anal whore's big, wide, gaping asshole. Double points for her if I can wedge in my other fist.
  6. hornyjohn

    hornyjohn Member

    My wife:
    - Rabbit vibrator
    - Small egg shaped vibrator (triple speed)
    - Blue vibrating dildo
    - Hitachi Magic Wand

    - Fleshlight (2 inserts, Wave and Original rippled)
  7. Mlarsson

    Mlarsson Guest

    My latest toy was the Basix Rubber Works - 9" Suction Cup Thicky.

    It feels small already, eventho it is big :<
  8. Toral

    Toral Guest

    I am also able to use a hand shake things.
  9. terracotta27

    terracotta27 Member

    vibrating butt plug
  10. Mlarsson

    Mlarsson Guest

  11. scottf

    scottf Guest

    My sometimes-girl these days really likes her ass stimulated and often wants me to lick and fuck it. Which is awesome because I've always been super turned on by the idea of anal sex with women. Problem is, almost none of them are into it or any good at it etc. I pretty much wrote it off as overrated and best left to the pros whose videos I watch. But this girl... always clean somehow. Often requires it to get off. Can take it balls deep.

    She wants even more now. So I ordered. This silicone bead thing. Arrives tomorrow.

    I also have a hitachi magic wand with three attachments, including one that I can penetrate. She likes it without any attachments at all. Highly recommended. Not really used for any anal, though.

    Also arriving tomorrow is my new fleshlight. I had one years ago and liked it so I've ordered a new one. Can't wait to get into it.
  12. Mlarsson

    Mlarsson Guest

    So i tried my new sextoy. (Page 1)
    DAMN that thing is huge! I managed to get past the "head" and a little further.

    There's just one word to describe how good it was: WOW.
  13. Chyea0009

    Chyea0009 Guest

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