Your on line life...when did it begin?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Hari, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    How or why did you take the step?

    When did you first play with a computer, and when did you first get on line?

    Was it an exiting time? How much have you discovered?

    How have you changed because of that?
  2. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I partially grew up on the internet (started using it when I was 13)... The people of my generation are the roots of the internet revolution, the test subjects of such a vast body of knowledge. It was amazing, truly amazing when I first discovered it... I remember being 13 and chatting with people over Israeli chats... and I was amazed, truly amazed, that I could talk to random people at such a distance... I was automatically addicted.

    I am truly thankful for the internet and growing up on it... it has opened my mind to so much info and so many views... I wouldn't have ever been able to see life from so many perspectives, especially since most of them are literally intimate and deep thoughts. People spill their hearts on the internet, people open up, it's so utopically beautiful. I still don't take the internet for granted, like the new generation of kids does... it's such a powerful medium... it still amazes me...

    This forum alone and the beautiful people in it has taught me so much about life... I'm awfully grateful for it :)
  3. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    -Played games with my brothers on an OLD Mac when I was really young.

    -Had some form of computer class through public school ever since 1st grade.

    -First started using the internet in 6th grade, when I was about 11. Started with email and MSN messenger with my friends, then a few chatrooms, then a few forums.

    I've always loved using computers and the internet. I love the wealth of information and communication.
  4. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    When I was 12 years old, the day before I entered 7th grade, my dad bought us our first computer. Looking back, it was such a piece of crap. Haha. But my dad got us online with dial-up directly afterwards. I remember being all into MSN chat waaaay back then and messengers...I also was always on Backstreet Boy websites and chats, lol.

    Yep...ever since then I've been a computer nerd.
  5. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    A friend of mine was the boss of a big computer office,and he took me there in the off hours to see the place, gigantic fridge-like computers. "ya want a laptop?" he asked.

    "what would I do with it?" I answered.
    About a year later a friend was leaving back home to Singapore and he sold me his junk pc for 200$ along with many other home items.

    It took me about three hours to figure out how I was making things vanish (X) and why they would come back, since I was trying everything at ramdom.

    About three months later I had learnt to make paintings(msn paint) and save them...when I finally bought a book, I had figured out everything already by myself and didn't need it.

    No one was available to teach me anything like with guitars,,,I had to do it all by myself.

    Two years after I payed someone to put together a pc, and my intention was to make painting using art programs, and recording digital music.

    The Pc-maker gave an aol cd to try it for free, then after a month I called Aol and told them I had no time to be on line and there was nothing of interest or value.

    Again No one had given me the least of info about what there was to be done and I didn't have a single clue. I asked one of my guitar students and she said "you get a lot of spam" another guy said: "you can download music".

    I had no idea what those terms were.

    To make a long story even more boring, Aol gave me a three month extention, and I found a place that you could start a thread to discuss a subject three weeks ahead, if 15 people signed for it, and I remember how exited I was when mine opened up, it was..."Astrology and spirituality".

    About a year or less later I found a forum that you could sign in and start a thread right away.That was about 2002.....

    Prior to 2001, I actually had real live friends

  6. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    I took the first step because it was there, and I could.

    I used computers all throught school, starting in the first grade. I remember playing Oregons trail and a few different typing games. The first time I got online was when "Web TV" first came out, and we got that. I think I was 10.

    lol yeah it's been exciting. I've discovered countless information and countless good people that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

    I am constantly changing, it's hard to say how much has been because of the net.
  7. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    Oregon Trail! We played that too. Haha, its as if that were the only game available at the time or something. Later on though, they stopped giving us games and just plugged us into Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.
  8. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Mavis Beacon was my mortal enemy in 7th grade.
  9. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    We got to play this Mario Brothers Typing game. You had to type so fast in order to move, jump, eat the mushroom, etc.
  10. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    We had some typing game in 8th grade that was like that, but ours didn't have Mario. I suddenly feel screwed.
  11. texasmade3

    texasmade3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    haha i first started using the internet when i was 8 or 9, i remember when windows 95 first came out and we bought our first computer, it was a HUGEE tower. lol and the moniter was ungodly huge. i remember it had like 1 gig of harddrive andthat was the max right there.. anything bigger was unheard of. and we had the first version of aol that screamed at you when dialing up and took like 4 min to connect. . and before my first computer i remember getting on my moms at her office that was before windows came out. it was the "green screen" text was only in green and it had some dos program or somthing that ran it i cant remember. i would always try and draw people with the keys. thats all i could do really. haha i dont think i would be who i am today without the internet, i have learned so many things from it. and i agree with ruben, our generation is the computer generation that grew up on it as kids. hell.. kids now have highspeed internet and everything, fucking bastards lol
  12. Posthumous

    Posthumous Resident Smartass

    The first computer I played with was a calculator circa 1973. I had the first atari on my block and all the chicks were at my house playing it 24/7. [​IMG] First time online was a printserver/usernet at FSU circa 1986. First real browser to surf the net was in grad school circa 1992.
  13. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    I was first on the internet when I was going to college in '95-'97...... chatting online was really weird then....... I finally got my own computer in '99, found chatrooms and forums around then, and found in '99.
  14. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I got on the net at work after I joined the Navy.
    I first played with aplle 2's in the early 80s at school.
    Napster is prolly when I gave it my soul though
  15. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    Yup, same here. I didn't really "dive" into the net till I found Napster. That was when I realized that "Hey, maybe there is more to this thing than porn!" I remember I would stay online for days....literaly days downloading music. I had to hide all the phones in the house so no one would kick me offline.
  16. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    I've been getting online for yeaaaaaars. I can hardly remember a time in my life when I didn't have a computer with internet access.

    I didn't get way into the internet until the summer after seventh grade. I don't really know why I got into it - I just found some interesting sites and kept getting more and more into it.
  17. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i started playing with computers as soon as i could get my hands on one. unfortunately i was considerably "over 30" before anything like this internet came to exist.

    i was however, on the dial-up bbs's that existed localy before then. as soon as the legal battle against ma bell made it possible for everyone to connect their own modem to the phone line. although i haven't been able to be on continuously since then either.

    there was a period, from arround 86 till arround 96 when i was just too broke to get ahold of the means of connecting. so i missed the earliest days of the internet.

    if you do a google on my handle themnax though, you may find a few of my entries on bwms and some of the other early dial up bbs systems that existed in portland oregon in the early to mid 80s.

    and i was even one of those who put something on that teletype machine that was sitting outside of that book store in berkley, before even there were desk top personal computers or even modems.

  18. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    i've grown up with computers all my life, my parents are both in the IT business, and they've been working with computers since computers took up entire floors of buildings :D

    i've always hated computers though...and it took years and years for me to start using them...
    i can use them no problem, they are just the bane of my existence

    i like that i can research law when i'm bored...i'm kinda weird like that...i pretty much just use this forum, msn, i just recently got myspace and even recent-er got facebook..but i don't care about facebook and i just use myspace for listening to bands

    online is cool, you can get anything off line, pretty fucking sweet..but i still rather read a book or watch the discovery chanel
    or better yet, talk to a real person :rolleyes:
  19. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    its been all my life for me to. i grew up very little playing video games, and my father always had a computer around the house. i remember chatting in chat rooms when i was in the 3rd grade. my parents would remind me to be cautious...boy if only they could see me now :rolleyes:
  20. DQ Veg


    Most of my life, I resisted getting a computer, and was in fact kind of allergic to them. I only used them when I really had to, and that was it. Someone had even given my ex-wife, who was equally allergic to them, a computer (which it turned out wasn't even internet compatible) and we never even plugged it in. It finally ended up in the junk heap.

    After my ex-wife left, taking our son with her, I was sitting alone most of the time in my house-most of my friends had their own lives, and didn't have much time for me. I got tired of reading my old dusty books, and getting my news a day late from a hard copy newspaper, and having almost nobody to communicate with. In fact, I had pretty much got fed up with the whole scenario.

    So, in December 2005, some people at the church I went to were getting a new computer, and wanted to get rid of their old one. I jumped at the chance to take it, and the rest is history! I instantly was fascinated by internet forums (like this one) where people could discuss a zillion different subjects-I could get my news comprehensively and instantaneously-I could communicate with people by pm, and then, after I installed MSN Messenger and later Yahoo, with people all over the world. I was hooked, night and day, and still am. I made some friends, some close, some not so close-some have moved on, and some I am still close to. I am now convinced that the internet is by far the best way to meet people.

    Ironically, my girlfriend, who had also been allergic to computers, got connected to the internet the same month that I did. We originally met on Myspace, which I was never very involved in, and which she has since left (I introduced her to hf)-we began constantly talking on Yahoo messenger, fell deeply in love, and we both think that we are a perfect match for each other, a match that could never have been made without the internet. She is coming from Poland to live with me in June, and I have never been happier in all my life! A lot has happened in a year and a half!

    I now firmly believe (actually I knew this already, but had never experienced it) that the internet is the wave of the future. So, you can either ride the wave, or live in a cave! Me, I'm never going back to that cave! There's no looking back!

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