Your First Nude in Public Experience?

Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by PhotoDude, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    I've posted before that I'm a part time nudist. I live with people who aren't into Nudism, and out of respect, only walk around nude when they aren't home or when in my room. My girlfriend is in the same boat in her house.

    We've been talking about going to a nude beach, but she's not completely sold on the ideal yet. She's the type of person who is very shy whenever she does something for the first time, and I can be as well from time to time.

    I've been nude in front of friends before, and vise-versa, but never in a mass group, and never out in public. I would love for some of you to share your first experiences with public nudity, as in at a nude beach, or nude resort. How did you feel? Were you shy? How long did it take to get comfortable?
  2. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    My first time was at a resort, but I have also been to a nude beach.
    I hear people worry all the time about being "nude in front of people", but really it's not like you are going to be the center of attention. Just one more naked person in a campground or pool full of naked people. I was kinda nervous, but someone was there to help me through it and after I took a deep breath, I forgot completely about clothing, almost forgot to put my clothes back on for the trip home.

    Some new people like to get it all over with and undress before the engine of their car is cold. Other new people remain dressed for a while and make friends first, and then peel off and jump in the pool. In the pool the water covers you. If a volleyball game is going on, you better focus on that ball and not on yourself!

    If you are in Maryland, you would have to go all the way up to Sandy Hook in northern New Jersey or down to Florida to find a nude beach. Might be easier to visit a resort.
    Try for a directory listing by state.
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  3. kp2640

    kp2640 Member

    My first was Haulover (Miami, FL). I simply picked a spot and took my clothes off, but I do remember thinking "I am really totally nude in front of all these people". It was a very free feeling and I became instantly addicted. There were literally hundreds of people there that day - I got there mid day as well.

    I think you and your girl should plan a trip to Sandy Hook in NJ. The town at the entrance is Highlands, NJ. There are several affordable chain motels relatively close in Tinton Falls and it would make a really nice little weekend getaway from Maryland. The nude section is pretty big and the beach is very, very wide so you can choose between being in the middle of the crowd or back from the water with some privacy. Besides the official clothing optional beach, there are several other beaches in the park that are NOT nude so you would have a backup plan if one of you decides the time isn't right.
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  4. john0012

    john0012 Guest

    I was on tour for work, where I live at hotel. One day In the morning I was nude in the gallery, some girls watch me, even they like my nude body, they gave me flying kiss. I liked it so I used to go nude in the gallery for couple of hours.
  5. kp2640

    kp2640 Member

    I am thinking about the impact of age on a person's reaction the first nude in public event. Myself, as I have aged I tend to be more aware of the risks and make more conservative decisions relative to things that can actually hurt me - like climbing stuff, jumping off of stuff and driving stuff really fast and recklessly. This is probably a good thing because I simply do not bounce back like I once did and things hurt a lot longer now. However relative to things that involve being self-conscious or concerned about how I may be seen by others I have become much more comfortable doing whatever I want. I was in my early thirties when I visited my first nude beach. I am not sure that I would have had the same carefree attitude ten years earlier.
  6. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    One summer I went to this nude beach and got naked with them!!!!!

    I remember this lady was covering her chest!! (Why,she is naked right? She doesnt care who sees what)
  7. NatureDude

    NatureDude Member

    What about deliberately locking urself out of ur hotel room naked and pretend that its an accident? You could probably get away with it and ask for spare keys? Consider that I'm only half joking about this.
  8. meeses

    meeses Member

    At a nude beach, once you see that everyone is naked then you get comfortable fairly quickly. I just hate having to put clothes back on when leaving... :)
  9. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Kind of a weird moment, but I was at a swim party with some friends and one of the girls was wearing a one-piece white bathing suit. She dived in, swam around and climbed back out to the diving board. At that moment, the sun was on her and I swear that her swim suit basically vanished in the strong sunlight. No one had the heart to tell her she was "naked" and it didn't last long. She was in the water or shade the rest of the afternoon.

    Some of you might ask, "Would it have been better to tell her we saw her completely naked up there on the diving board?".

    My thought: Let it go unsaid! It will never happen again. She was among friends who weren't perving over her. No one ever laughed about it later. She will never be embarrassed, so leave it alone and say nothing.

    Her first nude in public experience and she didn't even know it!
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  10. Pokerguy

    Pokerguy Member

    Hedonism in Jamaica 15 years ago. After a couple of hours it really is no big deal.

    The beach in those days was split into 2 sections: Nude and Prude. You could check out the Nude side clothed, but the bartenders would not serve you a drink. I remember the bartender telling 2 barbi blonde's in a thick Jamaican accent, "Sorry sweetheart, get naked or get lost."

    I really hate to admit it, but after a day, the babes in bikinis were much sexier than the naked gals.
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  11. loveromance

    loveromance Member

    at home[]
  12. Death

    Death Grim Reaper

    I havent had a first public nude experience yet, but I know I would dig it.
  13. BeachBoner

    BeachBoner Member

    First was Black's Beach. What a scene. "Normal" nudists and quite a few hot shows. Got my first handlob from a just-met cutie there!
  14. jameske91

    jameske91 Supporter HipForums Supporter

    My first experience was at a home party. The nudist club I joined, one of the members hosted a party at their home. I had a great time and was welcomed by all. I was a little apprehensive being a single black male attending the event alone.
  15. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Do us a favor and walk over to the textile section when you are ready for sex. It will save us from the moral-majority types blaming nudists for everything they hate in life.

    If we can prove that clothing causes sex, clothes will soon become illegal!
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  16. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    The first time for anyone, you can overthink the situation, feeling like the center of attention when you are just a friend among friends. Hope things are more relaxed for you nowadays!
  17. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Wow! Healthy young athletes, so beautiful every one. And don't you love their smiles. Being naked has a way of putting a smile on your face.
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  18. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire

    Healthy young female athletes. Are they so very different from the women in pornography?

    If seeing young women naked is what it's about, I don't believe that we've made much progress.
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  19. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Maybe we do have to play "whack a mole" with Beavis and Butthead snickering in the back of the class. There always seems to be a new generation of knuckleheads who can never appreciate beauty, male or female.

    Perhaps you have never had a problem with this. Art instructors have to deal every quarter with the backlash from students and outsiders who cannot reconcile their physical attraction and appreciation of human beauty.

    So what's your solution? Ban all nudity because some will lust over it?

    When a magazine celebrates attractive athletes (and this issue also had male athletes as well), it may not seem like progress to you. But maybe its better than losing ground.

    And if you are familiar with the movie Calendar Girls, there is a market for appreciation of older women. And plenty of women appreciate a man of any age who keeps fit and takes care of his body.

    Maybe it's time we figure out what porn is. It takes more than nudity before you have the right to call it pornography.

    I can see grace, beauty and a sense of fun in these women in the pool.

    I have seen porn and it involves women who are posing or acting in such a way as constitute an invitation to sex.

    Telephone sex chat lines proves that all some guys need is an imagination to be whipped into a sexual frenzy. They don't even have to see the woman.

    These women in the pool are attractive, but for a lot of us, it's not enough to issue a mating call.

    Nudists have plenty of kids, so they obviously have other ways of stirring passions, but simply seeing someone naked is not inherently a turn-on.
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  20. meeses

    meeses Member

    Well said GardenGuy... you hit it on the nail, :2thumbsup:

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