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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by Milshybi11, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Milshybi11

    Milshybi11 Guest

    Okay so I've read a few posts on here and finally decided to make my own. I'm a guy that is calling himself bi but haven't had an experience yet. I am in the military and have found someone to experiment with in 2weeks but would like to read about other people's first time and how they came about doing it. I am very curious on doing it with a guy and a girl but right now I'm just going to try with a single guy. I always thought that I'd like to just suck and that be it but recently I've been feeling like kissing a guy, sucking, swallowing, I want to get fucked, would want to feel cum in my ass, want to fuck a guy. I've got a fantasy of me with a couple, letting it start out as a regular MFM then help her suck his cock. We take turns fucking each other, having him fuck her and cum in her, then as she lets the cum drip out of her pussy I lick it up and swap it with her. I would like to hear from others about their experiences, I know reading them usually gets me hard too.
  2. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    What you can do really depends on two things.

    First off, your present circumstances. Being that you are in the military, experimenting with another dude is probably a more viable thing to do than anything else. Establish what basically works for you, what you are good at, and what the other guy enjoys getting from you...

    Second off, your previous experience. If you are noobie with other men, this is where you want to start before you you plunge into any MMF constellation, and possibly start feeling and acting awkward...

    Once you are good to go with both sexes, and the circumstances permit, try to get your MMF threesome organized, and enjoy the experience...

    Following the course of action I have just described did work very well for me... And I did not hear any complaints from the other two either:)

  3. Milshybi11

    Milshybi11 Guest

    Yea my sexual drive right now is getting the better of me right now. I'm going to post my first experience hopefully in two weeks. I know a guy where I'm going to that is also inexperienced, he's done some oral and hj, so we are going to learn together. I'm not sure if I want to do bottom on my first time being with a guy but it does seem very intriguing.
  4. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    Dude, do not make any preset plans, save for the fact that you want to stay safe. Go with the flow and enjoy the experience. If you feel like trying something, you may be more comfortable with a guy who shares your lack of experience than with someone who may already know all the ropes:).

  5. Wakashu

    Wakashu Guest

    Hey Milshybi11, I think I can empathize with your feelings (circumstances are different and details should be in it's own thread), I want to suck dick (I have even practiced with a banana to suppress the gag reflex while deep throat sex) and would like to be filled up by somebody big (I have played with a 10" dildo, it!). Problem is I am married and don't have a clue on just keeping all activities cloaked even if I were to find the right man that would be interested in a long term relationship. Don't like the idea of one-night-stands (again, even if I knew how to arrange that!).

    I think KD's advice is sound.
  6. TBDM Miasma

    TBDM Miasma Member

    I want to suck dick and I too have practiced on dildos, banannas, and hot dogs (lol) I also want to bottom but not top.
    Im in the same boat pretty much I have these desires but afraid to act on them, im in a long term relation ship to so I couldnt act on it anyway I dont think. But the urge is stronger and stonger all the time.
  7. j17435

    j17435 Member

    I say go for it, have fun and be safe. I fantasized about gay sex for years, finally decided I wanted to try it and have had a handful of encounters, up to and including anal sex as a bottom. I would like to have more encounters, but am also in a hetero relationship, so it is hard to find free time and I do feel a bit guilty at times, although for me gay sex is purely recreational and I have no emotional/romantic feelings towards men.

    Be very careful with anal. Its hot and feels nice, but can be risky. I'd like to try bareback someday and feel someone ejaculate inside me, but make sure you know the person and they have been recently tested. Even then there is a risk if they had unprotected sex just before or after being tested. A surprising percentage of people have an STD and don't know it. The bottom is by far at the most risk during anal. The one guy I've had anal with wanted to bareback me, but he hadn't been tested in a while so I made him wear a condom.
  8. bendiguy

    bendiguy Member

    my first experience was with a guy when i was 12. we both made each other come with our hands then tasted each others cum. it was amazing. after a while we moved onto blow jobs and eventually we fucked each other.
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