Your favourite french word?

Discussion in 'French' started by Watermellowny, Nov 24, 2006.


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    Paix et L'amour :)
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    Soixante Neuf!
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    my favourite word is english, but I learned it while studying french. "transliteration" it means translating a slang phrase, and how it doesn't quite mean the same thing in another language.

    like cheesy, in french you would say its tacky, no slang
    or you would say "blanche nuit" "white night" for an all nighter.
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    Je ne sais pas
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    Harry Potter-------I'm half joking. While traveling around France my wife and son were trying to say things in a French accent, and I started saying Harry Potter, which at 2 am after a full day of shopping, eating, and sightseeing was pretty amusing to me (especially in the face of their semi-failed attempts at a French accent). They did not find it as amusing, and I kept saying it the rest of the trip----which bugged them. I still say it from time to time. I don't know why it irritates them so much, or why it is still funny----but those r's...
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    Bonjour! Je pense que mon mot préféré en français est "bizarre", mais j'ai du mal à décider...

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