Your favourite adrenalin( e ) songs

Discussion in 'Music' started by hailtothekingbaby, Dec 29, 2004.

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    Got slightly two-minded on the spelling of adrenalin there, I still don't know if it's spelled with or without an -e on the end. Please tell me how it's spelled, thanks in advance.

    Anyway, what are the songs that make you really ( hyper- )active? What do you do in such situations?

    A few of mine:

    Naglfar - I am vengeance
    Behemoth - No sympathy for fools
    Behemoth - With spell of inferno
    Ancient Rites - Lindisfarne ( anno 793 )
    Ancient Rites - Total misanthropia
    Ancient Rites - And the horns called for war
    Marduk - By satan and victorious weapons
    Marduk - Baptism by fire
    Marduk - Slay the Nazarene
    Dawn - The knell and the world
    Kreator - Tormentor
    Kreator - Pleasure to kill
    Dark Fortress - Iconoclasm omega
    Dissection - Retribution - Storm of the light's bane
    Fluisterwoud - Hoer van de zeven hemelen
    Omnia - Taranis
    Omnia - Morrigan
    Mayhem - Whore
    Turisas - As torches rise
    Sonata Arctica - Don't say a word
    Sonata Arctica - The cage
    Vader - Carnal
    Satyricon - Mother north
    Koldbrann - Fortapelse i svovel og helvetesild
    Dimmu Borgir - Blessings upon the throne of tyranny
    Iced Earth - Violate
    Iced Earth - Dracula
    Dark Funeral - The arrival of satan's empire
    Dark Funeral - Diabolis interium
    Alanis Morissette - You oughta know

    These songs give me the impulse to stand up and roar along with all of my might for a very short time and really act out the frenzied frontman. After a few minutes I will be supremely relaxed and all the stress I might have gathered that day is gone and forgotten.

    Sorry for any offensive track titles. I didn't make them up you know.
  2. Skelter

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    hoer van de zeven hemelen? dit wil ik wel eens horen
  3. hiddendoor

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    can we incorporate great amphetamine albums in here too ?
  4. Voodoo child

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    Id go with:
    Garbage - stupid girl
    alanis morrisette - you learn or you oughta know
    velvet revolver - slither
    metallica - enter sandman
    flowing tears - serpentine
    the doors - love her madly
    anthrax -safe home
    the wannadies - the you and me song
    billy idol - rebel yell
    murderdolls - dead in hollywood
    american headcharge - just so you know

    and its adrenaline - with an E on the end,man :) just so you know.

    peace and love
  5. puddin

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    99 Luft balloons in german-Nena
    Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine
    Common People-Pulp
    Embassy Row-Pavement
    What is This Note?-The Eels
    Dog Faced Boy-The Eels
    When I Come Around-Greenday
  6. Floris

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    ska... especially ska-p and skatalites.... and toydolls - nellie the elephant... great party song
  7. Magnus76

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    Pretty much any song by Rage Against The Machine.
  8. hailtothekingbaby

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    This is a free speech forum and I certainly don't want my topic to be anything less than any other part of this forum, so discuss whatever you want here: adrenalin, amphetamine, ashtrays, armpits, albany, arkansas, alohomora*. The list goes on and on until the end but by that time there have been invented so many new things to talk about that we'll never quite reach the end of the list, I think.

    Edit #1: I added arkansas so the Americans wouldn't feel discriminating
    Edit #2: I added the disclaimer
    Edit #3: I changed the title and edited this post to say so
    Edit #4: added to the disclaimer for added disclaiming

    Now talk and spread thy wisdom!

    *) Bloomsbury enterprises / Warner Brothers inc. etc. No profit is being made. Of course I wouldn't want to earn money at the expense of poor Ms Rowling. ( If Snape dies in the next book I'm going to murder you, bitch! )

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