You Need The Support Of Non Drug Users!!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by asilos vulnerado, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    Parents in particular.
    There are basically afew huge problems in the way of legalization.
    Parents; whenever peoples kids start doing anything that the gov. or the church scorns it will usually make parents angry and scared. The majority of parents are somewhat straight laced and believe what they are told by the gov. because the gov is in charge and the news is flooded with about 15 tragic drug relating stories each year and it ignores everything else. You need a way for people who PARENTS RESPECT to appear in commercials about the 750,000 or so lives that are destroyed each year due to a possesion of marijuana convction. A good example would be to take the 5 year old boy whos mother was shot in front of him while holding her newborn infant becasue there was suspicion that she was in possesion of marijuana, or possibly an example of someone whos life was changed for the better because of an lsd experience. Another idea would be to make it apparent that thousands are killed BECAUSE drugs are illegal (those killed by columbian drug lords for example).

    In addition, it must be proven to parents that the media is a bunch of lies and they must understand the real dangers or lack of dangers involved with each particular drug. I believe it is possible for parents to be on the same side as drug users if they were shown the detrimental effects illegalization of drugs has on families or aging youth. Parents need to be shown that drug use wont destroy their childs lives if they could do them in a safe environment with quality material (not smoking out of tinfoil in a fucking quarry with shitty weed because you dont want to get arrested). All in all, a bunch of drug users wont be able to change anything. You need families to appear and tell their stories. It would also be beneficial to have such people appear on talk shows (oprah ect.).

    If parents and other non drug users were in favor of legalization or decriminalization then they could begin to lobby to mayors and state representatives. Only then would it even become an issue for the gov. to deal with. When the taxpayers want change the gov. is forced to act. People need to stop bitching about cops and really get out there and talk to people who can make the difference. Newspapers, talk shows, school principals or teachers and township officials. Make a commercial or write an article and get it aired/printed. Make your points logically be able to thoroughly dispute the arguments made by parents and rule makers! Only when support from non drug users is gained shall there be change.
  2. People are ignorant. I don't know any non-drug user who promotes marijuana use.
  3. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    they dont need to promote use, they just need to promote legalization. I convinced my parents of this by pointing out all of the crime and homicide and wasted police forces in philadelphia caused because drugs are illegal. They still dont let me smoke, but they agree that illegalization causes more problems than it solves.
  4. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    NO TV STATION WOULD SHOW THAT. at least the ones are target would watch (parents). when it becomes a bigger deal (gist before it happens) than it MIGHT happen
  5. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    My grandfather has run rehabilitation centers my whole life, but even he believes in Medical MJ

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