You know, I'm starting to think I would really like living in a commune...

Discussion in 'UK Parties and Protests' started by Hoppípolla, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Hoppípolla

    Hoppípolla Senior Member

    But like... a fun one. With loads of cool hippies all chilling out and stuff. But... I'd need internet and stuff too lol ^_^

    I wonder if there's anywhere I could go. I just love having people around all the time, like a fun little community. It's great to me :)

    Any erm, thoughts on that?

    Hoppipolla ^_^
  2. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    Maybe just finding a good shared house with cool people would be a good place to start.I'm having similar ideas myself for my next move.I really don't want to live by myself.Some people can handle it but I need people around me...Also the option to go and be alone in my room of course.
  3. same here. thats all thats been on my mind. i cant stand living in this society. There is a commune in the works in Oregon. email to get more info. Im helping out by helping spread the word. peace and love =)
  4. Hoppípolla

    Hoppípolla Senior Member

    I totally agree with both of you.

    I know that people can just go out and meet people then come home again and then repeat that over and over but... I dunno. I never seem happy with that. I like having people that I know and feel close to around me all the time, large groups and stuff.

    Just the way I am.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)
  5. yeh same here. i need to be around fellow hippies XD
  6. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    This is an unanticipated turn of events
  7. unedited

    unedited Member

    Good advice this. The trick is in finding the right shared house, some can turn into freaking nightmares.

    Of course, you might be really into getting out there. In which case a commune, or a community of people you can become a part of, could be a really good thing.
  8. There was a sort of commune/protest movement near me a few years back look up Titnore Woods, they ever had the first soloar powered radio station (although i never tuned in)
    Or you could look up The Earth Ship movement, an eco house come commune in Brighton, thats pretty cool
  9. Hoppípolla

    Hoppípolla Senior Member

    Heya peeps!

    I'm once again toying with the idea of living in a commune and wondered if you had any suggestions?

    Ideally it would be cool to find somewhere under a proper roof, and quite casual with other hippies, so like no set days for communal meals or anything strict. I like to.. you know, have my own space and things but also be social. I like to just chuck some food in for myself and so on a lot, but the social element is of course great as well.

    Anywho erm, let me know ok? ^_^

  10. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

  11. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    Someone told me about these people that owned an entire apartment building. Said that when she went to visit them she didn't know which apartment was there's and upon looking at the call box there was only one button. They owned all six floors of that place I think these people had some money but I guess they all contributed. They didn't pay rent, they owned that whole building. I was like WHAT!
  12. Fingermouse

    Fingermouse Helicase

    Good god! When did you start to feel this way?

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