you ever get emails from people way more interesting than yourself?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by mynameiskc, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. mynameiskc

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    i do. i've got the UN family, the drama teacher family, the step-siblings who just left italy for germany and are visiting the family in california right now. well, for the most part, it's military people, and i stayed out of the military for a reason. and while most of the time my life suits me, and to some people is a bit crazy, i always saw myself as a world traveller. oh well. then i get over it, when i remember that they're emailing me because they think i'm funny and fascinating and good to know. i'll just keep telling myself that. *sigh*
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    I usually get emails that are joke lists. Boring and stupid.
  3. interval_illusion

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    at least you get emails. :)

    but yeah, i have one friend from high school that has been to something like 15 diff. countries and lived in 12 diff. states and is always sending me interesting emails... it makes me so jealous cause i love to travel...

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