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Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by CapnSpaulding, Jun 17, 2006.

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    I wrote a few weeks ago asking for advice about our trip. I got some advice of my own-be careful who you travel with. Though we left with 4(my fiance, her sister and brother in law) only two had their heart and resources in it and the other two left us out in the heat with nothing. So I am back. Thanks for the advice you did offer. We have now decided to buy an rv and travel around. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get an rv on the cheap(or a bus)? We have the rvtrader mag and that has a lot to offer it seems. When we do get one we plan to do a bit of traveling and would be more than happy to have company. Thanks, Scott
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "cheep"....To buy, or run? But, Hope this helps

    To Buy...Older(85 or Older) R.V's, School bus convertons(sp) Trucks (Delirvery) You can get one of theese for between $1000-5000 for the most part,but keepin them on the road is a test in resorcefulness! Tires,engine parts,trannys,rear ends ect arew mostly truck or "R.V" peices...Mucho Mo Spendy! then u add the day to day "Care and Feeding" of some of the "Le Chatau Bovines" That fall into this list.....

    To Run....Simple,An 82-89 Chevy Conversion van...Lots out there for between 1500-4500 In really good shape,owend by folk hwo have the means to keep them nice,generally well matained,VERY EASY TO GET PARTS FOR!!!!! ANYWHERE!!! If you cant get a Chevy part....Fuelish,well sorta 12-16 mpg, but a Bus or R.V isn't even gonna touch that kinda gas milage generally

    And a Post Script....If you don't know a "Dwell Meter" from a "Static Timing light" or want to ever understand the statment"What is the valve lash setting for the No.3 Exaust,on a 71 1600 dual port,with a .009?"

    NO VOLKSWAGENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is not to say that V.W.'s are a bad thing....But they are gittin old and most have had a rough life! Parts are spendy if u have to buy them new,But if you Can turn a wrench,read,scrounge...Well you get my point.

    From someone who's been there,hope this helps

    Tour rigs I"v had at one time or another...
    67 Chevy 109 Sportvan
    67 Chevy K1500 Pickup/Overhead Camper
    70 VW Van...1835 cc Freeway Flyer
    71 Ford B-600/Supeiror School Bus Conversion...72 Pass/Fullsize
    73 VW Van...2 Liter/MSD eletronic ignition/Weber 40 IDF Carbs/Headers....85 Down I-10 ALL Day Long!
    74 Dodge 100 Van Slant Six, Three Speed inna Tree,Kill This Thing,hell I sold this one at a Grateful Dead Concert 11 years ago and its still on the road!

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